Choices, fate. One decision.

Choices in life. Whenever I think about the choices I have in my life, this show would appear in my mind. There is this certain scene, which keeps appearing in my mind. The words in that scene, playing over and over again in my head. I feel really ironical seeing an exact same scene playing in a show, happening in my life.

I've asked my friends, they've all given me the same answer. But is it really possible..?  The answer seems so.. logical and rational, that it makes it look wrong. What should I do...? Can someone point me the direction? An affirmative direction? I feel so lost and so confused.

Even in the show, the answer given is the same as what my friends have given me. Is that really really really the right thing to do? How can they bear the pain? How can they actually withstand it? It's not momentarily, its something which you'll have to go through, to bear with, to withstand, for the rest of your life. Don't they feel any hint of regret at all? Everything seems so right, but then again, it makes everything feel so wrong. All that rationality simply makes everything appear to be so irrational. All the logic, it makes everything look so illogical. What should I do...?

That path.. Must I walk down that path? Its that the right thing to do? Why do all the right things in life seem so wrong? Maybe its because they look scary when they seem to be so right. I swear I'm getting a brainwash. Even the songs I'm listening to are telling me the same answer. Fyi, my songs are on shuffle-mode. I didn't pick them deliberately. Is that a sign? A hint to tell me what to do next? But I don't wanna resign to fate. What exactly is my fate in the first place? No one can answer my question. Because fate is unpredictable.

Choices and decisions. They're giving me a headache. If only my superhero would appear, then all these problems would disappear immediately and so would this terrible headache. But I know my superhero would never appear... So at the end of the day, I'll still be the one who has to pick a choice, make a decision, no matter how hard it is. This is life. This is my life.

I could really use a wish right now. Actually, everyone can make a wish. But how many of these people actually have their wishes answered?

I want my wish to be answered. Can you hear my wish? Can you answer it for me? Can you make it come true...?

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