Badly distracted

MYEs are 2 weeks away!
After months of chaos, hectic-ness, all the messy and annoying stuff, I can finally catch my breath, take a break from all the mental torture.. No, not take a break but to resign from all of them! And the irony is, things get better the moment you make up your mind to ignore everything and somehow, the world just brightens up again? Ok, I'm not sure if its due to a change of mindset on my part or that things just MIRACULOUSLY (seriously, I hate this word now) became better all of a sudden, just like how they MIRACULOUSLY became worst. Although I'm really curious to know what happened and why the sudden change of events AGAIN, I think I'll leave this question unanswered. Afterall, you can never have the answers to all the questions in life.

The battle is over, I don't know which side won or lost, who did what, what strategy was used to produce this outcome, what happened throughout the whole process, or how the battle even got started. All I know is, I'm glad the battle is over and I like the current outcome. Just keep things this way. I like this merryland (:
Oh and one more thing, people with 2 different mindsets are like people from 2 different worlds, one from Earth and one from Mars (I'll be the one from Earth, thank you.), they can never mix, never match, and never be placed together. So stay away from my world and my life and I will gladly stay away from yours. Make one wrong move, step into my life again, and I will seriously fuck your life upside down the next time round. That one and only time you entered my life already brought me enough trouble enough chaos. Even till now, I have yet to tie all the loose ends up. You know why? Because the ends cannot be tied up! Somehow whenever I try to tie them up, it just comes lose again and then I get annoyed by it. So I'm leaving these ends loose because I can no longer be bothered about them.
So yes, moral of this whole chunk: STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!

I am so glad that I do not know you in person or else I think you would be one of those people in my life who have faced the worst of my fury. It will be more than just two tight slaps in the face and a shower of all the explesitives I have gathered in 18 years of my life.

Shall finish typing the gp essay, leave my math tutorial undone and head into dreamland. Goodnight in advance peeps. Xoxo

P.S. Re-read through what I just typed and I think I just spent another 20 minutes of my life writing crap. Crap which kinda makes sense in a way.

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