So now I'm a pest? Fuck you.

I'm laughing at you right back in your face. You are a joke.

What was I busy being sad over the past 24 hours? Go on, close both your eyes, clam both your hands on your ears. For all I care, go act blind, go pretend to be deaf. You're just being absolutely stupid. I've had enough of your nonsense instead of the opposite way round. Enough of you blowing hot and cold at me as and when you please. I was nice enough, providing you with unconditional friendship, warning you, hinting you, trying to show you what is really going on. And what did you do? You fagging screamed at me again.

I talked to you calmly, amicably, nicely. Asked you questions because I was concerned for you, you were apparently still being kept in the dark about the truth. I tried to help you. And what did you do in return? You blew your top off at me. My questions became a view, I was imposing my opinions on you?!?!?!? Seriously, fuck you. Go on and get played by her, go get cheated by her, it's not my business anymore. I can't be bothered with you. It is so frigging obvious that she is playing you, you've been played till your fingers have gotten burnt and you don't even realise it. Enough of all the bullshit and all the nonsense. I don't owe you my life. Even if I do, I don't deserve such treatments from you.

Its an honour, a grace, for me to even want to be your friend, after all the shit that you did to me. I stuck with you through thick and thin. Supported and encouraged you when you felt down. Gave you the comfort you needed when you were sad. Kept you company and entertained you when you were bored. Sang to you to make you smile when you were about to cry. Fucking tried to warn you and stop you from doing something which would get yourself hurt. You fucking refused to believe me and scolded me instead. Fuck you. Alright then. Go on. Do it. Get yourself hurt. I took another approach, stood at one side and watched over you silently. You wanna go try, go on and then, I respect your choice, your decision. I fucking encouraged you, supported you even though I already knew you had ZERO chance at all, all because you said that "you won't know till you try". Ok then, go fucking try, and then go get yourself hurt. You want me to be there for you when you need someone, when you are feeling down. Ok, I said I will. What a fucking good friend I am. And what did I get in return when I was talking nicely to you, your fucking attitude. Blew your top off at me all of a sudden. And you know what! Even though you were at fault, I was the one who fucking said sorry because I didn't want to get into an argument with you. And you fucking took me for granted and pushed your luck too far. I've had enough of your nonsense, your attitude, your hot and cold treatments. This isn't how you treat someone who is being extremely nice to you.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I've had enough of it from you.

I will still be your friend. I will still be here when you need a friend. I will still be here when you need someone. I will still be here when you are down. I still be here for you. That is all. Period.

FML. I'm such a little Miss Nicey.

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