I'm such a fool.

I'm there when you need me. There to bring you the sunshine, to bring you the smiles, to show you the rainbows, to give you the laughters. Where are you when I need you? Where are you when my tears are spilling over the edge of my eyes? Where are you when my world looks so bleak and so dark? You promised me you'll be there for me. You said I'll never lose you. But where are you now when I need you? You are a million miles away.

Once again, the promises are empty. At the end of the day, I'm still alone.

When you were down, when you were sad, when you turned to me for help, I dropped everything I had in my hands just to help you, just to make you happy, just to see you smile. You said you will do the same for me. But I guess they were all just a pack of lies.

When you were unhappy, when you pushed everyone away, I reached out to you, got screamed at in return. And still, I never walked away. I stood at a side, watched you from afar, wait till the storm was over and smiled as my sacrifice was worthwhile. I knew that what I was doing would earn me nothing more but a scream from you in return. But I had to do it or else you'll bottle that anger up. I'm glad I saw your beautiful smile at the end of the day. You said that one day, you'll do that in return for me. But where were you when I begged for your help? You pushed me away with an annoyed and irritated tone. You shut me outside your doors, and bolted the locks. I felt pathetic as I stood outside your doors. I wondered why I even bothered to knock on your door and ask for your help in the very first place. Maybe its because.. I really took you to be my closest and bestest friend. Maybe its because.. I believed your words when you said you'll be there for me. But I guess.. I am just a fool.

I gave you my everything and never did ask for anything in return, but a genuine friendship from you. I'm so disappointed that I can't find any proper words which can fit the description of my current feelings. My tears are being notorious, they won't stop flowing. And I doubt they'll be obedient anytime soon.....

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