Everything in my circle is starting to overflow..

I'm sorry for not replying your text messages. I'm sorry for making you so worried for me. I just need some time alone to think through some stuff and to sort things out. Don't worry about me, I'm fine. Just because I'm not replying you, doesn't mean that I don't read your text messages. If you've got anything that you wanna tell me, just text ok? I'll read them.

Everything is overflowing. I'm getting all stuffed up. From everything that has happened, I learnt to trust no one. I've developed fear, fear from getting hurt. It sucks when the person whom you trust the most tells you that you're no longer allowed to tell your problems to that person anymore, the person doesn't want to hear your problems anymore. You feel stupid for placing so much trust in the person's words, for believing in them. So all that you can do now is to suck up your problems, to swallow everything down even though there is no room left in you. But what can you do? You've already bitten off more than what you can chew, and there is no where that you can spit it out to.
So down it goes - you've just got to force it down.

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