Hell stupid.

Yes, I'm hell stupid.
Why in the world did I cry non-stop days and weeks ago? I should have simply taken action, and not leave it up to him to do something about it. He is afterall a BOY and how can you expect a BOY to do something like that right? Girls are just natural bitches. And sometimes, you've got to be a bitch when it comes to dealing with certain things and certain SOMEONEs.

I know that I should have done it a long time ago, should have done what every girl should have done, but the amount of bravery and courage needed to do such a thing, it just makes the whole thing sounds crazy and impossible. And then every girl who hopes and wants to do it, would be all like, "hmm, nah.. I shouldn't do such a thing. It is not nice to do such a thing." To hell with all the nice-ness, nice-ness brings you NOWHERE. I learnt that the hard way, do not be like me.

I feel like the female lead actress in the taiwanese drama "Fated To Love You", always playing nice, hoping that by playing nice it will bring you somewhere but in fact it brings you nowhere. And in the end, all you get is getting hurt by people whom you care and love. So yes, lesson learnt: It doesn't pay to play nice all the time.

Enough about me and my bgr problems.
I'm going out later with mummy to my aunt's place to talk about the design of my grad. night dress! Yeap! I'm gonna have mine custom-made! Mad happy!! But the thing is, I've yet to decide on how I want it to be, and that includes the colours. I would love for it to be white, but its such a bridal-thingy. Nah uh, I'm not going for my wedding. It is a graduation night.

It's only 11.57AM and I'm already starting to yawn. Shall go climb back into bed for a tiny nap again. Mountain pile of tutorials to work through and I have still got to go for a jog later on. No, I'm not jogging because I'm fat. I'm jogging because pathetic me failed my 2.4km for NAPHA. My pace is totally screwed up. I will pant like mad while running my first 6 rounds and at my last round, during the last 100m, I have more than enough energy to sprint like a kid gone crazy. I am not going to spend the rest of my Phyiscal Education lessons running on the track like a hamster running on the hamster wheel.

Xoxo. I want to win this game.

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