been hit by a chinese wave.

the sudden crazes.

note: i wrote crazes.

1. i'm suddenly into chinese songs.
but something tells me that i'll be out of them soon.

2. i've developed a major craving for McFlurry.
been trying to land my hands on them whenever i can.
2-dollar bills have been flying out of my wallet even faster than i can say,
no! i'm not allowed to eat anything cold!
& trust me, living here has really turned into a major catastrophe.
because there is a MacDonalds within such extreme vicinity!

3. i'm having a fetish over couple stuff all of a sudden.
yes, i always had a thing for couple stuff.
but it was a really minor craze..
suddenly, this craze has turned into an extremely serious thing.
is that suppose to be.. good or bad?
from rings (which i already have) to keychains to t-shirts.
oh man.. i've been influenced by gen! >< speaking of couple stuff.
my sister mentioned to me the other day,
that we (me & her) should get a pair couple phone next year,
during Valentine's day.
not bad an idea! & i'm loving that idea alot.
sharing a couple phone with my sister.
that proves how loving we are!
aint we super duper sweet? *laughs*

4. i've finally gotten my graduation night dress. *phew*
i can also, finally, let out a deep sigh of relief.
as the dress, is checked! off the list.
i never imagined that getting a dress can be such a tough thing.
first, i had to pass by mom.
you cant really blame her you know,
because i was suppose to be buying my grad. night dress
when she brought me out the other day,
however, i ended up buying un-necessary items.
well.. they were not really un-necessary but,
neither were they clothes that i was going to wear to the grad. night.
so.. i spend $400 on clothes that i was not going to wear grad. night (oops!)

second, i had to find one day where my schedule did not clash with my sister's.
third, i had to find a dress that i was satisfied with.
no matter how... brilliant grad. night sounds to be.
i dont wanna go through all the dress-shopping ever again.
the number of dresses i tried on.
the hours i spend walking.
i thought my legs were going to give up on me, seriously!
but still, thank god.
we found a decent dress.
and we managed to find a matching pair of shoes.
hmm.. those shoes are really comfy.
so despite the height of the heels, i doubt i'd trip and fall. (i hope!)
falling flat on my face, embarrassing myself infront of everyone on grad. night,
& turning beetroot red.. is not something i'm looking forward to it.
thinking about it is rather terrifying as well. (brrr...)

5. preparation for grad. night:
dress (checked!);
shoes (checked!);
bag (unchecked!);
accessories ( hon say that the ring fits the dress so..checked!);
makeup (its not really neccessary is it?! i'll leave it.. unchecked! first.);
hair (?!?!?!!? WHATTTTT?!?! unchecked!)

speaking of hair.. *laughs*
jingting is going all on for it!
her mom is going to bring her to a hairstylist,
in a high-class hair salon to get her hair done.
total.. MAJOR!
well, which girl doesnt want to shine and be in her top form on grad. night?
in singapore, grad. night is the exact same as prom night.
so elaborate dressing is required in this case!
and everything must be, perfect & fabulous.
pity, like what hon says.
the only thing that grad. night lacks are accompanying dates.
so that the night can end with a.. BANG! *laughs*
or i'd definitely bring my hon along and let him get a few more stares and drools.
honestly, although i get jealous from all the attention he's receiving.
its really.. interesting (is this the correct descriptive word?)
to see all the attention that he is getting.
well.. at least it proves one thing!
my boyfriend is whooping hot! *laughs*
enough with the side-track and back to the hair topic.
like what i said, every girl wanna look her best on grad. night.
so... i might get my hair done?
that is something that requires decisive thinking.
and thinking is only permitted after my exams have ended.
& they have clearly, yet to be ended.
so meanwhile, i'll just have to push all these thoughts aside.
my mom says to simply ask the hairstylist to style a hairstyle for me,
but my sister says whats with all the glitter and hair perfume?! *laughs*

okay. end of my 5 points craze list.
i doubt that they're even crazes.
since only.. 2/5 of them are crazes.
the rest, i just crapped them all.

by the way, there is a paparazzi stalking my blog.
im evidently clear of that.
and i really appreciate her complete devotion.
i mean, how can i not be?!
she writes comments on almost all of my entries.
despite using such pathetic English.
you want an example of how pathetic the English is?
hmm.. how about this one..
if you have been reading my entries,
you would have remembered an entry,
regarding me going out with my girlfriend jingting?
i even posted up images that i took with her.
well, the term girlfriend.
refers to a close friend who is in the gender of a female.
my paparazzi, mistook it.
and said that we were homosexuals and lesbians.
how interesting that really is.
i must say, she has to be.. partially blind?
can she NOT see the photo that i took with my boyfriend?!
and this time. the term boyfriend.
is defined as a male companion/lover. aka. my beau.
get that right lady!
and quit with those nonsensical comments on my entries.
if you wish to know how i got hang of your blog add.
thank nuffnang for that.
all referrals are tracked.
dont let me see any of those ridiculous comments again,
or i swear the next thing that i'd do is cyber bully.
i've had enough of your nonsense in school.
sniggering at me behind my back for no exact reason,
in your exaggerating witch laughter.
trying to act all feminine and lady-like,
when you're pure disgusting and revolting.
didnt that quiz you did for your blog state that you're..
23% female & 79% male?
in my opinion, you might as well go for an operation to switch your sex.
this is my last warning to you.
quit it. right now.

gen. would you support me for the cyber-bullying idea?

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