5 more exams to go.

& I'm about to burst like a bubble already.

initally, when the exam timetable came down.
i was rejoicing that it was spread over a month.
so that means, most of the days,
i only had 1 paper. what little stress.
then again, thinking about my timetable now,
i feel like killing whoever set the timetable.
2 weeks has passed,
i'm in the 3rd week of my examinations,
and i am already dead beat tired. (sorry hon, for having to suffer my whines almost everyday.)
now all i wish is for these exams to pass.
the faster the better.
somehow, time seems to flies faster when i've got an examination that day.
one particular reason why i cant wait for the exams to end,
is because i hate this feeling of being like a bird locked up in a cage,
deprived of all freedom. and, my diet is controlled.
i cant eat any chocolate! *grumbles*
i've got another paper(social studies) later on,
and here i am writing nothing but nonsense.
typing for the sake of typing.
what am i writing?!
absolutely nothing worth mentioning, because I'M BORED.

and i really needa start publishing some photos.
my blog is getting too white.
thank goodness,
the computer at xuhao's place is installed with a driver that
is able to read hon's digital camera's memory card.
so that means... i can get my photos even sooner than i expect! :D
and... hohohohoho. there are photos of my sister's boyfriend in there.
eh! i so did not take them. my sister is the culprit herself.
all i did was left the digital camera in her care,
i forgot to take it back,
and went home with the camera still left in the bag. (i'm a scatterbrain!)
then she started taking photos with the camera. (harrrrummmpphhhh.)
i'm not saying i'm not pleased.
i'm saying that i'm glad that i've got something as the hostage now. (hohohohoho!)
time to write another SS essay, or i wouldnt have any time left! ><

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