i wanna be free.

dreadful written papers are over. finally!

i've got 2 more papers to go.
chemistry & physics paper 1.
and then i'll be freed from all these inhumanly torture.

Lexus & Levin,
i just applied for our VISA to Australia.
& they were approved of.

after 3 weeks of writing,
i do deserve a break!
so on the last paper on thursday, geography paper 2,
honey went out with me for my relaxation time.
watched a movie, ate dinner and had a little walk under the moonlight.
my parents didnt urge me to study anymore either,
they permitted me to slack for the rest of the day.
but the next day, which was yesterday,
i was required to mug again. ><
nevermind, i shall be patient. shall tolerate a little longer.
then im freed to roam the rest of Singapore.
from the north to the south.
from the west to the east.
from the center to all 4 corners of Singapore!
honey promised me that once my Os were over,
he'd bring me to the beach.
i'm holding onto that promise.
because he knows very well that i'd whine till he keeps to his promise. :P
there's so many things that i wanna do!
i wonder if there is even the time for me to complete all of them.
i'm dreaming big! to achieve something huge!
though i seriously wonder what achievement i can actually get from this.

for now, i'm addicted to Disney Hua Mu Lan movies' songs.
from HML 1 & HML 2.
well, that explains why the first 6 songs of my music player,
are all songs from there.
enjoy it. because its definitely worth the enjoyment!

i managed to dig out a few old photos.
they're of no theme. random picks.
got a little bored of the lack of photos and colours.
so here they are!
oh and. i look really. UGGHHHH. in them.
i'm making a tremendous sacrifice here! appreciate it! ><

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