my life @ work.

Thank goodness for him, or telemarketing would be a complete bore!

okay. tele-communcation seems mostly like fun.
you get to talk to strangers.
you get to prank call strangers.
if the people aint nice,
if they're hostile,
if they're nasty,
you get to hang up on them.
and they are unable to trace/get back to you.

dont take my words seriously,
i dont really prank call people.
unlike hon.. prank call me..
made me spill a cup of water over my mom's impt. documents.
thank goodness they were protected by a plastic file,
or the paper documents would be all wet.
& i'd be screwed majorly.

anyway, try having to meet a quota of 180 calls per day.
& i swear,
you'd be screaming for god after 2 hours.
that, my dear friends,
is how tiring the job can be.
me & hon would start off the day,
being all energetic & spontaneous.
but by the end of the day,
we'd be all lethargic & close to hell.
having to speak on & on..
talking non-stop.
facing all kinds of fucking attitude from the people.
man, that is the suckiest part of being a telemarketer.
however, when you do succeed in making an appointment,
the rush of joy is beyond description.
its as though you've just been implanted with new batteries,
& all of a sudden, you're all charged up and full of power again!
sense of satisfaction. thats what its called.

like what i said earlier,
the job of a telemarketer can be a real bore.
& for a person like me,
who has an attention span of only like... 5 minutes?
work is aka to the kingdom of boredom.
lucky for me, i've got hon to entertain me.
well, unlucky him..
has to tolerate with all my nuisance. (teehee!)

there he is, being a good worker, mugging so hard. & there i am, slacking away, taking photos of a hunk. ^^

now i know why my mom praises him to the skies, & speaks of me like i'm going to hell. personally to me, i think that she's simply being bias. (pouts!)

honestly, i cant help it! i'm bored! so the only way to rid this boredom, is to disturb him! :D

isnt he so adorable at work? so focused. damn.. that suaveness is sure giving one giddy-spells!

like what i mentioned earlier. i simply CANT HELP IT!

*laughs* so there it is!
a day of how it is like at work.
well.. excluding how tedious the job really is.
& screwed. its 3AM. i've still got work tmr.
if i'm caught by hon that i'm still awake...
uh-oh! i dont wish to think how dire the consequences would be.
BED-TIME! & work in another few more hours. (booohooooo!)


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