i'm desperado.

its not just a WANT, its a #1 NEED!

i'm in some desperate need of a new blogskin?
perhaps its due to that and me being lazy,
that im getting no money from nuffnang.
booooooo. bah, i'm just giving crap excuses.
i'm starting to, once again, find my blog in a mess.
too many stuff in one website.
and adding to the fact that i'm lazy to re-arrange stuff.
oh whatever. getting kind of bored looking at the same thing too.
music box at the top left.
disclaimer and introduction on the top right.
profile and etc. on the column at the left.
the entries on the right....
i'm just used to this arrangement of stuff.
and i dont plan to change it. not one bit.
but i am planning to you know...
change how things look like.
perhaps, add a liliputian billboard at the top?
oh well, i'll need photos for that!
got some photo-editing to do. but first of, I'LL NEED PHOTOS.

i did mention that.. my sony e phone died didnt i?
yes, i did. getting a little senile >< anyway, thanks hon! for the digital camera!
you're the besttttttttt! actually, you always are!

yeahhhhhhhhhh! got proper camera to use to take many many photographs.
i'm elated.

using that word deliberately, because i've got a little story to tell.
i taught my father that word a few weeks ago.
the vocabulary that he has is sadly,(no offence!) limited.
he was telling my mom about,
her and something something..happy. (i cant remember about what. sorry!)
all you ever hear is, happy happy happy.
gets kind of tiring and boring when you hear that word one too many times.
a little too common, dont you find it?
back to the story.
so i told him to say elated instead of happy.
it has the same meaning as happy, or so.
anyway, he started pronouncing it in the car.
E-LETED. (no dad. it's E-LATED.) A-LATED (E daddy. E.)
E-LAITED. (ah, whatever. sounds rather like. great job daddy!)

and he went on repeating it while driving his Merz.
thank goodness i had my MP3 with me. :P
main point: i'm on that bad in vocabulary after all.

about that digital camera...
i've got to be wayyyyyyy careful with it.
i almost lost its cover when i used it for the first time.
panicked when i found that i lost it.
hon walked up and down the way we came down previously so many times!
thank goodness for kind souls in the world.
this lady from the shoe shop nearby saw it, picked it up and kept it for us.
and yeap, she returned it and we got it back!
breathed a huge sigh of relief then.
pity, i forgot to take photos. ><
its alright... i will the next time.

i'm in the mood for story-writing.
in a two-way mind if i should or should not..
heck. i shall follow what my heart says.
i'm going.. ALL THE WAY.

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