it's over. it's over. can you believe it?! IT'S OVER!

come freedom. let me embrace you tightly!

my exams are O-V-E-R~~~~~~~~~~~~
i'm over the moooooonnnnnnn~~~~~~
okay, im a little way too high.
but i cant help it.
the joy. its surging through me like some kind of lightning bolt.
zoom zoom zoom!
i think i might even sing.
*coughs* *coughs*
then again, i might not.

for most of us,
the chemistry paper 1 marked the end of the O Levels.
so most probably,
everywhere would be crowded with students.
as everyone would be rushing out to celebrate, to relax & to enjoy.
its rather pointless to squeeze amidst all the people,
get jostled all around and face tens and thousands of people.
this isnt what peace is called.
and the peace means quietness.
not all the buzz, noise, screams, shouts, talking and whatsoever.
and the best place to get peace?
hon's house! :D
had one hell of a fun time.
i can be Dora the Explorer in his house.
got so many things to see. or perhaps, im just real curious.
i merely had a tour of the house;
dipped my feet in the pool;
made him play the guitar for me (heheheheeh!);
packed his room along with him;
cope his laptop to play a few games? :P ;
watched the incredibles in the entertainment room;
and had MacDelivery for dinner.
spent about..7-8 hours there?
and there are still tons of stuff that i wanna do!
like like.. play the Nintendo Wii,
er.. XBOX 360?
bah.. i just wanna spend time with my hon ><
that is whats most important, aint it?!
hmm.. and i vow to not only simply splash him with water
the next time i'm there,
gonna push him into the pool! :D
well, its his house.
he can afford to get wet. but i cant!
nothing in this world is fair, hon. (:

tonight. (since its currently 1.15AM 13/11/2008)
is the big night.
the graduation night.
are you ready?!
maybe yes, maybe no.
its perhaps the last time we're gonna be spending some quality time together.
so do away with the walls build around each other.
just make as much memories as you can.
and do not leave any room for regrets!

moi, needa get some beauty sleep now.
waking up early in the morning (its already morning now!),
to start getting prepared.
whats the big idea of grad. night anyway?
dont ask me that. because i've got no idea.
so, i'm gonna meet all graduants of SCSS at 1730 tonight.
dont be late! because Mr Yoong wont be happy.
and time, waits for no one...

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