Especially when I love you.

Sometimes in life, we've got to simply have a bigger heart.

let me first quote something that my dad just said a few moments ago.

Dad: "You are courting your own death if you eat that thing!"

you might ask right now.
what thing is she eating?!
well.. last night. i started craving for cold things.
i dont mean those kind of cold drinks, jelly or whatever.
something..freezing cold. something.. icey..
i was craving for ice.
so i started messing around the kitchen again.
there were (sadly) no carbonated drinks or whatever to be found.
so i started playing around with the milo powder that i found.
milo is my grandmother's energizer drink.
and let me put this first.
i used a whole lot of her milo powder.
i made myself a big mug of the milo drink.
left it aside to cool down. then i chucked it in the fridge.
i planned to eat it after it got frozen.
because, i'm studying till like 3-4AM every single weekend.
so yeah. the coldness could wake me up when i'm starting to get sleepy.
but the problem is. i forgot about this yummy desert.
i was too..distracted over something else.
anyway, i just remembered it so i took it out to eat.

back to why its going to kill me.
i'm having my periods now.
which means that i'm suppose to abstain from anything cold.
or else,
i'd be rolling around in bed,
hugging my tummy and complaining about stomach cramps later on.
but god.
but i do care about one thing.
the lectures that i'm bound to receive from my boyfriend later. oof!
oh well.. thats LATER.
meanwhile.. i'm gonna enjoy my desert for now.

you just wasted 3 minutes of your life reading all that crap. ha!
but you enjoyed it didnt you? :D
a piece of good news first.
and here comes the bad news.
IT AINT CONFIRMED. (booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.)
my parents went out just now.
i didnt know for what reason since i was too busy being depressed.
[ dont worry people, i'm perfectly fine right now. PMS you know... its the nature of a girl to be that way once a month. bear with it. because you simply have to. just like how my boyfriend has to. mwahahahahahha! ]
anyway, they apparently went out to view an apartment.
and. except for the price.
now i'm praying that the seller would agree to reduce the price by a little bit.
i'm gonna move. i'm gonna move. i'm gonna moveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
i know. overly-enthusiastic.
but i really cant help it.
try being coped up at where i'm living now for... 5 months?
you'd be as insane as me. or probably even worst.
be thankful that you aint me. and accept my insanity.
i dont have my own bloody room at here.
i dont have any personal space or whatever.
all of my stuff are strewn all over the place.
a little at my parents' room.
a little at the study room.
a little at the room i share with my aunt and my sister.
its not like i dont wanna group all of my stuff together at one place.
the thing is. there aint any bloody space in this small little apartment.
try accomodating 6 adults and 1 kid (yes, thats me. i'm still not yet 16. so i'm considered a kid.)
in this (considered really spacious) 5-room apartment.
although there are 3 bedrooms, 1 study room, 1 spacious living room, 1 balcony, 1 dining room, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms and.. whatever other space that its called in this apartment.
its still about (no offence here.) the size of my ground floor back at the old house.
maybe... even a little bit smaller.
so yeah. imagined how cramped it is.
the good thing is. i'm moving out of here soon. WOOOOOOTS!

the O Levels are arriving really really soon.
if i were to judge in a positive manner,
all my miseries are about to end in a month's time. (yeah!)
if i were to judge in a negative manner,
the Os are in 9 days time! (boooooooo.)
oh well.. i've got no idea if i should panic or be relieved.
getting mixed feelings. its as though i'm feeling hot and cold at the same time. weird.....
and oh no!
physics! and humanities! screwed.
i am mugging hard on these 2 major subjects which i am superb crappy at.
speaking of physics.
reminds me of him.
hmm... in front of me now, is a beam balance.
i'm weighing the consequences of what i'm about to do.
should i or should i not...?
heck. i'll face his whines later.
here i go...................

anyone wanna make a guess what this is?
its a new dish at sakae sushi..

a little clue..
it came from inside that bowl of rice that he's eating..

mischief managed.

okay. i better get back to my revision.

P.S. that "new dish" is actually all the slices of onions that he took out from his bowl of rice. he is the BIGGEST ANTI-ONION person i've ever known.

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