the sky above my head.

this is the story of love.

Artist: Westlife
Song: Story of Love

This is the Story Of Love
Let's make it last forever
You hold the words that mean so much
Let's make a vow together
When me world falls behind
I just look into those eyes
And see the story of love

Now is the moment
I've been waiting for
when dreams they come to life
No hesitation, only open doors
You pushed those doubts aside
Somehow you always feel
What's on my mind
Seems like this consequence
Came right on time


Running in circles
Felt like eternity
Indecision led my mind
But you hold the window to all remedies
And filled that space inside
Somehow you turned the page
To the other side
What was an empty place
Is now filled with life


No more illusions
Brought down and divide
With you, my baby
All my confusions pushed aside

(Chorus Acappella)


whoever that wants this song.
tag me. i'll send it to you.
dont try to search for it online.
i almost puked blood searching for this song.
now i get why they say, things which are nice are hard to get.
and its because of that reason why the song aint in my music player.
apparently, no one in myflashfetish has uploaded that song.
and the only format there is for the song is WMA.
well, thats what i found anyway.
this song is seriously harddddd to find.
because it is a bonus soundtrack.
it aint in any of the albums.
hmm, lets see.. i tried searching for the song with..
limewire, youtube, baidu
bah.. that sense of satisfaction when i found the song.
beyond description.

i cant think straight now.
i'm freaking out.
i'm worried.
i'm confused.
i'm afraid.
i'm scared.
oh fuck. whats wrong with me.
i hate being left in isolation.
damn, this feeling sucks.

and. just like what gen said.
this is my blog.
i write what i wanna write.
i express whatever thoughts that is in my mind.
heck to all those who reads and are unhappy.
you've been given a choice to read, or to scram.
pick either one.
whether you're happy anot, this is my life.
i've got the freedom of speech.
i choose to say what i want to.
i choose to speak as i please.

i've got no idea what crap i'm ranting.
since all i know is that my mind is all blank.
a charge of fury is going around within me.
i hate. no, make that detest.
bah.. whatever word that has a seriously strong meaning of dislike.
being talk to in a "gangster" way.
the epitome of languages. take english for one.
whats with all the leh, lor, lah.
thats singlish. and to what i know.
there aint such a language in the world.
thats bullshit language.
speak properly. minus all those extra and unneccessary words and expressions.
add in neccessary words to make the sentence sound proper and refine.
and. for goodness sake.
use a better tone when speaking to me. dont give me that ahbeng, ahlian tone.
it simply makes my blood boil.
perhaps in the past, i might have been able to tolerate that kind of tone.
that kind of attitude.
but not now. i'm sick of receiving that kind of thing.
thank Alexx for it.
somehow, the more you listen, the more irritated you get.
and such irritation simply makes me wanna avoid such things.

i better shush up.
before i start swearing and cursing.
a day gone bad. and its going back good again.
because i want my day to end good.

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