when i hear my favourite songs..


as a perfectionist.
yes, i want everything to be perfect and fabulous!
i'm just joking.
i think i've watched one too many high school musicals.
although i've only watched... 2?

its the Chemistry 'O' Level paper 2 today.
i wont say that i'll do badly.
but neither would i say that i'd be brilliantly,
since no one ever knows what would ever happen.
so i'll just say.. i did okay.
although okay isnt really a proper description.
but.. who cares?!
i'm gonna be taking both the English papers tomorrow.
break a leg..
gonna have to start reading through
the National Geographic magazines that i borrowed from honey.
got quite a stack to clear. and tons of pages to read.. (uh-oh!)

okay. this is getting real boring.
even i'm getting bored typing this post.
seems more like im scheduling my life.
instead of recording my thoughts and whatsoever.
so i'm set to do a little writing for myself.
and for today. the topic will be..

hey! i'm sorry people.
but thats the only thing that i have in mind right now.
excluding him..? you gotta forgive me! :X

whenever i spoke of the O levels in the past,
i'd be like.. OH NO! that dreadful examination..
spend 10 years preparing for that exam.
that exam is my everything. flunk it and my life is over.
lousy grades in Os means failure in life.
in short terms, loser.
so i keep thinking, i gotta excel in this examination.
got to mug mug mug.
yet somehow, my mind and my bod aint cooperating.
they are not working in the same direction.
till.. recently. somehow, with a motivator/supporter.
things seems easier to get done.
and im more determined to complete them as well.
in the past, i'd be... OH! 11PM. STOP STUDYING. TIME FOR BED.
now im.. OH! 11 PM. BETTER FASTER MUG. still got alot things to mug!
what 2 different mindsets i have.
anyway, the examinations are only for.. 4 weeks?
no biggie... right?
someone please tell me that the mindset im having is correct!
i better get back to mugging.

well.. once again,BREAK A LEG.
its better if i can break both of them!
but whats the use of breaking them,
when i still have got to take the examination no matter what?! oof!

a little photos for laugh.

she doesnt seem to have grown up at all. still the baby of our family!

all her skipping and cheekiness is reminding me of MY childhood.

the state of my table(s)in class. i sure am messy! :X

Mr Ngoh promised that for those who got As for the Math examination, he'd give them bananas. So, thats the explanation for the bananas in the class. Well, we're monkeys. Monkeys = Bananas = 4E4! :P

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