tags replied.

its always the same thing happening.

before i start my daily rant/update.
i needa reply a couple of tags.
not that i dont wanna do it in the chatbox.
but there are too many people that i've got to reply to.
so i might as well get it done here.
plus, i'm making things easier for those who tagged as well!
okay. enough crap. and nonsense.


To Xuhao: The faster I die, the faster you're gonna follow me as well. Since i am afterall, only 3 years older than you. :D

To Genevieve: Ignore that lil brat. He just speaking nonsense. He knows very well that he cant live without his big sister (: AND. My O Levels are not in 6 days dear. They are in 9 more days' time. You've messed the schedule up. LOL.

To Hime: Hey dear! Thanks for dropping by. EOYS over already, so that means you're mad over Audition again? LOL. Jyjy then.

To Lexus: If our lil brother doesnt say that, he is definitely having a HIGH fever. For him to look mature, think mature and talk with maturity? It simply isnt possible. Yeah, i know that House Bunny sucks. Kenny watched it already and he told me about it. Thank god I didnt watch it he says. But still.. I WANNA WATCH IT.

To Xuhui: Hey lil sister, you're more than welcome. Hope you liked what I've done for you in your blog. And cheer up alrights? :D

To Zen: Xiaodidi ar... no need worry about me. I'm pretty much fine. I'm forever complaining and ranting about life. I cant really much help it, since its human nature to do that. Thanks for your concern anyway. cheerios. And yes, I owe you a tag. But i'll give you more than just A tag. Just you wait! ^^


Needa give back my attention to my boyfriend.
He's been patiently waiting for me on the other side of the phone.
Whilst i'm typing away all these replies here. OOPS! ><

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