when i'm with you.

"when you're not around, I'm feeling like a piece of me is missing.."

what would i ever do without it?
the world is too silent without it.
it'll be too eerily quiet.
its an amazement how a few simple sentences,
accompanied along with a melodious tune could make such a wonder.
for the past 2 days,
music has been my greatest comfort. and the best companion that i could have.
as i listened on to the songs that he send me,
i couldnt help but reminisce, him singing those songs to me.
poor him.
in exchange to get me sleeping early,
i made him sing me to sleep. hohohohoho.
yes. i'm quite a nasty devil. roar!
but what would i ever do without these precious memories?
they really do bring a wide smile to my face when i reminsce about these events.
so my overall conclusion.
its worth making him sing for me. oops!
once a devil, always a devil.

its quite an amazement how much i said that,
i would blog again later in the day.
but i never do in the end.
ah well. gonna stop here for awhile.
didnt go to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve because i fell asleep in the afternoon.
energy level is really running low.
anyway. dad is bringing me later in the day.

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