Happy National Day!

Happy 43rd Birthday Singapore!

in collaboration of Singapore's Birthday..
i've decided to change all my blog songs to our national day songs!
managed to sought out the national day songs of the past years.
including some rather well-known ones.
i have no idea why. but im rather in the singapore mood this year.
kept singing and humming along to the tunes.
well.. i've irritated quite a no. of people already.
with all the singings and hummings.
oh well! apologies to all. if i've irritated any of you in any way.
its after all, SINGAPORE'S BIRTHDAY! (woots!)

do not ask me why.
but im super hype up now.
im starting to wonder if it really is because of national day.
which i highly doubt is the reason why.
the highest probability of it being so due to my boyfriend..
well yeah. i think thats the reason why.
ha! madness all the way today!
shall divert all that madness to the celebratory mood for singapore.
hmm.. i think i'll just divert a part of it.
more of wanting to keep a big portion it for myself (:
yes, im being greedy here.
and i've got no idea what i'm typing as well.
so once again, forgive me if you do not understand.
as neither do i understand what im typing!
insanity. thats what im charged up with right now.

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