i dare not say.
i dare not tell.
that i'm filled with regrets now.
why the hell did i do that?!
why in the world did i place my feifei (eeyore) in the carton along with the rest of my plushies?!
in exchange for that PIG?! fuck. what was i thinking man.
its immature to be whining over such a thing.
but, when i was out with dear yesterday at plaza sing.
when i saw that eeyore at more than words through the window.
i couldnt help but remember my feifei.
the countless nights i spend with it.
the countless times i cried into it during those nights.
the countless comfort it gave me as i hugged it to sleep.
my peace. my comfort. my eeyore.

an hour ago.
i grumbled to my sister about my ache for my eeyore.
and she went.
"who ask you to? BASKET."
yeah. she is so correct for once man.
who ask me to. damn.

i could actually go get the eeyore back.
only if.
that cartoon of plushies wasnt stack right at the back and on the top of the mountain of cartons.
in a seriously bad mood now.
cant seem to cheer up. i wanna poke that fat eeyore in the tummy now.
boohooooo! what in the world was i thinking!
feeling childish for whining over a non-living thing.
however. i couldnt help but whine.
because i've developed feelings for my eeyore!

its useless crying over spilled milk.
whats done has been done and cant be undone.
i've just got to live with it.
meanwhile. i'll just sought as much comfort as i can from my white tiger.
yeah. i've yet to throw it away.
i'm so sorry.
i know. i promised to throw it away.
but i really couldnt get myself to do that.
its hard to part with something that you're emotionally attached with.
please forgive me for this...

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