its brown. its sweet. its CHOCOLATE!

came in really handy! (:

whenever i feel really crappy.
the first thing that i wanna do is eat.
yes. bad habit i know. trying to correct it already.
anyway. had a sudden craving for chocolate.
lucky i remembered that sufyan gave me a bar of top during recess.
reached for it immediately and began eating it in SS lesson.
ah.. the taste of chocolate. plus a little caramel. mmmmm...
helped me to calm down and think logically.
almost blew my top off for no exact reason.
man.. i'm getting really moody recently.
and thats bad.
venting my anger on others? nonono. not i want. not what i desire.
i know how it feels like to get vented on.
and that feeling really sucks truly.
so, i'm not gonna let the people around me suffer such a miserable fate as well.
its unfair. and its unlogical.

-time for a little ranting.-

had enough of someone venting her anger on me.
she's moody. fine i get it.
she needs someone to vent her anger on. fine i get it.
but cmon man! its been who knows how many days already.
and she's still in that crappy mood.
getting really tired with that attitude she's giving.
when she needs you,
oh how sweet and nice she can be.
the tone that she uses can all of a sudden,
become so melodious.
however. when she doesnt need you.
hohohohoho. that tone that she uses is definitely so goddamn bitchy.
makes you just wanna slap her in the face and wake her up.
wish that she'd quit it already.
taking me for granted. who the hell does she think i am.
just because i dont say a single shit.
it does not mean i appreciate and accept that shit attitude.
if she is unplease about sth about me,
then just shoot. what for are you making life so difficult?
dont blame them for being mean to her.
dont blame them for being so harsh when criticsing her.
at times. she should pause and think about her actions. about her words.
whats the use of commenting on someone non-stop.
when she doesnt even bother to reflect about herself.
if she had just shut up and apologize.
would they have given such harsh criticisms? i doubt so.
and what did she do? she talked back.
fine. you're right. if i were her. i would have talked back as well.
i might even have helped defending her then.
but i didnt see a need to.
because she never have, never do and never will if i did.
hey. im not saying that she has got to be all gratifying and stuff.
at least give me a smile or whatever?
acknowledge that she appreciated the help given.
not give me a sulky face.
oh and one thing.
when i express concern. if she doesnt want it.
she can just smile and say that she's fine and i neednt worry.
not give me a fucking attitude.
now i get what it means when they say..
it doesnt pay to be nice to certain people,
because these people never do and never will appreciate your kind gesture.

god. dont wanna talk about her.
ruins my mood completely.
and it aint worth to ruin a day that has so far gone perfectly well.
why bother end a happy day with such a tragic ending...?

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