OLLELLA Café: The Cutest French Pastry Chouquettes That You Can Find At Farrer Park

Ollella Café
3 Petain Rd, Singapore 208108

Nearest MRT: Farrer Park
Contact: (+65) 9139 9871
Email: hello@ollella.com
Website: http://ollella.com/
Operating hours: Daily except for Tuesdays (12pm to 6pm on weekdays; 11am to 9pm on weekends)

Choux on the mini platter are best enjoyed and appreciated when eaten in the recommended order as shown above, starting with the "Vanilla Choux" and ending with the "Dark Chocolate Choux"

Vanilla Choux
Plain craqueline choux, madagascar vanilla mascarpone cream, madagascar vanilla white chocolate ganache, vanilla streusel

Apple Cinnamon Choux
Chouquette, apple cinnamon compote, vanilla streusel, vanilla mascarpone cream, diced apple

Rose Moscato Cheesecake Choux
Pastel pink craqueline choux, rose moscato tea chantilly, white chocolate ganache, pink swirled cheesecake dome

Raspberry Choux
Red craqueline choux, raspberry vanilla cremeux, fresh raspberries

Lemon Meringue Choux
Original craqueline choux, lemon cream, italian meringue, lemon balm leaf

Matcha Azuki Choux
Green craqueline choux, matcha chantilly, sweet azuki beans

Tiramisu Choux *Contains Alcohol*
PLain craqueline choux, coffee soaked sponge, kahlua sabayon

Dark Chocolate Choux
Chocolate craqueline choux, 70% chocolate cream. chocolate streusel, gold dust

Gula's Kue Lapis (600g for $38, 1.2kg for $72)
Traditional spiced layer cakes with a balance of sweet, buttery and savory in every bite.

Rating: 4.2/5

My two cents:

Choux are officially my favourite pastry!!!!!! I am so glad that I got introduced to them at Ollella.

When I first saw the chouquettes, I was like.. "okay, just another puff pastry, like all other puff pastries." I was half expecting them to taste like eclairs or kueh baulu, but these babies were a whole new level of heaven!

They are of a sponge-like texture on the inside, crispy on the outside and baked to a lovely golden-brown. The ones covered with nuggets of sugar are known as "Chouquettes", whereas those without are known as "Choux".

Choux or Chouquettes, are sometimes stuffed with different flavoured creams so as to give variety and to appeal to different taste buds.

Ollella offers plain chouquettes and coated with pearl sugar and almond bits, selling at 10 pieces for $3. I bought 10 of these plain ones home for the boyfriend, and he polished off all TEN in under THREE minutes — they are addictively good, no jokes on that!

Now, Ollella offers their choux in two different sizes: 3-cm, and 5-cm

The 3-cm choux are offered in a platter format (as seen above) and have been designed as such to cater to the crowd who have never tried choux before and are keen to try out every available flavour! Each 3-cm choux is priced at $3, and if the platter has 7 then the total cost would be $21.

The original number of mini choux on a platter was suppose to be 7, however my platter had 8 because Rose Moscato Cheesecake Choux was developed as a Mother's Day special and thus added into the platter. Do note that this choux flavour was only available during the month of May, and may or may not still be available now.

It is recommended to eat the mini choux platter in an order of lightest to richest flavour, so that you can best appreciate the flavour and effort poured into each delicate choux.

Moving on, the 5-cm choux are more for those who already know which choux flavour that they like and want a bigger version of it. As for the price, it ranges from $4 to $5, depending on the flavour of the choux.

Out of the 8 flavours of choux that I have tried, my favourites are "Vanilla Choux", "Apple Cinnamon Choux" and "Matcha Azuki Bean Choux". As you can tell from my selection, I preferred the lighter flavours. With that said, the richer flavours aren't bad at all, in fact they were equally delicious!

Ollella also offers Kue Lapis, made using the two owners' grandmother's recipe. From what little information that I could dig out from the two owners – they were really hush hush on their grandmother's recipe – the kue lapis is made using brown sugar, and thus provided an aromatic sweetness only possible by brown sugar.

In my humble opinion, the two chefs have nailed the taste of kue lapis and it is indeed one of the better layered cakes that I have had in Singapore. However there is much to be improved on in terms of its texture, as when I talk about kue lapis, I am really expecting to FEEL the texture of a LAYERED cake.

Nonetheless great effort as they have poured hours into perfecting the recipe and creating each layer of cake every week, painstakingly by hand!

This kue lapis would be great as a gift for your foreign friends or colleagues, especially since the two owners have also paid close attention to the design of the kue lapis' box, as well as to slice and individually wrap every slice of the cake for the convenience of your consumption.

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Note: This post was sponsored by OLLELLA.

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