Laser Bust Enhancement: An Update On The Progress One Month Post-Treatment At Only Aesthetics

Disclaimer: Pictures shown in this post can be rather graphic. Viewer discretion advised.

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I have been receiving weekly treatment sessions for slightly over a month now. Here I am, back with more updates as promised on the progress of my – pardon me for being so crude – boob growth.

Before I continue, here is a short synopsis of what the treatment is about:

Laser Bust Enhancement is a revolutionising breast enlargement treatment package that utilises non-surgical methods such as drugs, needles or incisions, and it delivers satisfactory results without going under the knife.

All treatments in the package are non-invasive and there is no experience of any downtime; resumption of daily routine can be expected immediately after the treatment session.

(Read more on what Laser Bust Enhancement is and how the procedure works by clicking here)

I have divided this informative review into two parts: photos first, and my summarised thoughts at the end. Do be reminded that the following pictures you see can be rather graphic.

Front profile

*FYI: The tinge of redness that you see around my boobs in the "after" photo is due to Step 3 of the process (Bust Suction Enlargement Pump). As ugly and scary-looking that it is, there was no pain involved.

Left profile

Right profile

Before-After Measurements (taken in inches)

My two cents:

After having gone through a couple of sessions, the pain is indeed more tolerable now (as promised by the director whom I met during my first visit). I've learnt that speaking to the therapist while they do the massage... it helps A LOT. They would distract me from the pain, and I am less likely to be focused on when the next bout of discomfort is going to hit.

I am filling up my bra cups a lot better; that helps with the presentation of my clothes and of course, how I look and feel in general.

Low cut apparels are my favourite clothes to grab these days (oops) and it is only fair to do so since I'm putting up with all that discomfort during the treatment and the fact that a girl has got to flair her assets when she's got them, right – LOL?

I can safely say that there is little to no downside, other than:
  1. Minor Soreness: This happens during the initial two sessions and it can last for 2-3 days, depending on each individual
  2. Slight Bruising: This happens when the suction cup is put on a tad too tight and that causes the tiny capillaries around your breast to burst. It results in a reddish bruise which doesn't hurt and will slowly dissipate, but the bruise is incredibly ugly and will affect your choice of clothes for the week

As you can tell from the measurements, the treatment does work. The gap between my boobs has been narrowed and even more surprisingly, the side of my boobs have gotten a lot curvier (in fact they've grown by an inch) and so has the underside.

So, these are the updates that I have thus far. I will have to check in with you guys again on whether the effects of the treatment would last beyond the sessions, ie. if I stop receiving the treatment, would the results vanish?

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