Kooks Creamery: The Boomerang-Worthy Molten Lava Cookie That You Gotta Try At Serangoon!

Kooks Creamery
211 Serangoon Ave 4, #01-02, Singapore 550211

Nearest MRT: Serangoon
Email: kookscreamery@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/kooks.creamery/
Opening hours: Tues-Sun (12pm to 10pm); Fri-Sat (12pm to 11pm)

Matcha Molten Lava Cookie Set, with a scoop of 'Brown Butter' ice cream ($8.50)

Chocolate Molten Lava Cookie Set, with a scoop of 'Nougat' ice cream ($8.50)

Rating: 4.5/5

My two cents:

If you are looking to have the next coolest dessert in town, then you gotta check out Kooks Creamery!

Located in Serangoon, this quaint ice cream parlour is situated in the same block as popular swiss roll café, Plain Jane. Kooks offers a range of artisan ice cream, made from scratch by owner Sue Lynn, who was once a graphic designer turned dessert-maker.

The ice cream flavours seen range from classical flavours like 'Vanilla', 'Speculoos' and 'Earl Grey Tea', to more funky flavours such as 'Nougat', 'Brown Butter', and fruity flavours like 'Lychee Raspberry' and 'Rock Melon'.

Speaking of Brown Butter, it is officially my favourite ice cream flavour to date and IMO goes best with the lava cookie sets.

Brown butter is essentially made up of caramelised butter with brown sugar, and the combination of the ice cream with the cookie is unbelievable! It helps to heighten the flavour of the cookie dough, and emphasises the matcha/chocolate filling within the cookie. Saying that I love it, is an understatement to both the ice cream and the lava cookie.

As for which of the two lava cookie sets that I prefer, I would have to say BOTH!!!!

The matcha lava cookie set had a light matcha filling that was not overpowering in taste; same goes for the chocolate – it's milk chocolate by the way – which wasn't overly rich nor too sweet.

FYI for those who dread overly sweet stuff, fret not because at Kooks Creamery, attention has been paid to the amount of sugar mixed into the desserts. There are after all many school kids who visit the ice cream parlour, as well as old grannies who still possess a sweet tooth!

Do check out their facebook page (click here) and their Instagram (click here) for the latest updates in flavour and ongoing promotions.

What are you waiting for?! Jio your family and friends to Kooks Creamery now!!!


Note: This post was sponsored by Kooks Creamery.

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