The Bakery Chef: The Instagram-Worthy Lava Toast Featured On "Insider" That You Have To Try At Bukit Merah

The Bakery Chef
161 Bukit Merah Central, #01-3711, Singapore 150161

Nearest MRT: Redhill
Contact: 6273 9211
Operating hours: Mon-Fri (10am-7pm), Sat-Sun (10am-9pm)

Honey-glazed Brioche Toast with Salted Egg Yolk Filling and Vanilla Ice Cream ($12.80)

Charcoal Thick Toast with Matcha Filling and Matcha Ice Cream ($12.80)

Passionfruit Rainbow Cake ($5.80)

Rating: 4/5

My two cents:

The Bakery Chef, a quaint café located at Bukit Merah is rarely quiet, especially since its feature on Insider. The interior decor is kept simple and cozy, from the brick walls to the tungsten lighting and a small wall filled with polaroid images.

I looked around the café and felt warm from the sight. There is always a crowd in the café and no empty tables readily in sight – if you go during the weekends be prepared to queue for a seat!

Every diner at the café was taking photos of their dessert, placing forkfuls of food in their mouth, their face lighting up as they gave nods of approval to their fellow diners, everyone chatted happily while sipping on their artfully-decorated coffee... Everybody had a smile on their face.

Seeing all the happy faces in the café, I felt a foreign sense of excitement and anticipation for my food's arrival.

What came out from the kitchen first was the Honey-glazed Brioche Toast with Salted Egg Yolk Filling and Vanilla Ice Cream. They made an excellent choice to glazed the brioche toast with honey, so as to complement with the savoury taste of the salted egg yolk feeling.

With that said, I am unfortunately not a huge fan of their salted egg yolk filling as I felt that it was a tad too sweet and smooth, and hence it lost the crux of salted egg yolk which is the savoury rich flavour combined with a grainy texture.

This is nonetheless still a great lava toast to start with, and do remember to consume it together with the vanilla ice cream. When you are getting a sick of the flavours, have a bite of the strawberry with their in-house made whip cream. The purpose of it is to refresh your palate so that you can continue enjoying your toast!

The Charcoal Thick Toast with Matcha Filling and Matcha Ice Cream had me falling in love with Matcha all over again. The toast was crispy and complemented well with the thick matcha filling.

I preferred this toast to the former one as the flavours were less crazy. The matcha filling was also less liquid-y thus it took longer to become soggy (IMO it's a good thing) and that made it easier to appreciate and enjoy this toast.

I have a comment though: What's with all the charcoal toast?! Sure it brings out the colour and perhaps makes it instagram-worthy, but it rarely does anything to the flavour and few have provided the "smoky" taste that charcoal food is suppose to bring. Someone, please explain this to me.

The Passionfruit Rainbow Cake is my favourite of all the desserts! It is a nice change of having regular vanilla flavoured rainbow cake. This is not only just pretty, but it also tastes really good!

The cake texture was fantastic... it was smooth and fluffy, the sweetness level was on point, and together with the passionfruit cream it added a tinge of sourness and flavour that would have diners returning back for more! I don't really like cakes but this one is so good, and I would definitely have this on my must-try cake list!

The Bakery Chef is the place to be if you are looking to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with some quality cakes, toasts or artisanal ice cream with some friends. Do be warned that this might not be the place if you are looking for some quiet time, and it can be a tad too rowdy to have a serious business conversation.

If you should conform to your social phobia but would still like to visit The Bakery Chef, try going during the early hours of the café's operation. It should be relatively quiet and peaceful then.

Here are some things that you should also know:
1) A limited number of toasts is made per day and only one (of each type) of toast is available per table*
2) Waffles are served from 4-6pm
3) Soft serve closes 2 hours before closing time

*The cafe has set a rule on the number of toasts to be purchased. This is to enable more toasts to go around and thus more people will get to enjoy them! Be nice, don't make a fuss and share your toast! Bring out your inner #singathecourtesylion.

For more of the cafe's latest promotions and new items, do follow them on their Facebook and Instagram.

Note: This post was sponsored by The Bakery Chef.

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