Laser Bust Enhancement: How To Get Bigger Boobs Without Going Under The Knife

Disclaimer: Pictures shown in this post can be rather graphic. Viewer discretion advised.

Before I begin dwelling into the details of this bust treatment, I need to specify that I am a fan of my own breasts and I am thankful for the great genetics that I have inherited from my mom (thanks mummy!).

However like all most women, we nitpick on our physical features and I am no exception. I am currently a 34C/36B (I choose the size to wear depending on the cutting of my bra and my intent to hide or reveal more skin).

Further on in this article, I will share about the problems that I have with my own bust and how Only Aesthetics will be helping me to resolve those issues in the next 2 months of my treatment with them.

O Medical Clinic
Wheelock Place #05-09A, Singapore 238880

Nearest MRT: Orchard
Contact: (+65) 6235 4434

About a month back, I was offered the option of undergoing Laser Bust Enhancement Treatment with
Only Aesthetics.

Only Aesthetics is a part of Singapore's Largest Medical Aesthetics Group established since 2005. It was created based on the principle of providing scientifically-proven medical aesthetics treatment, backed with the latest technology in medical aesthetics.

The centre's name "ONLY" came about from it being the first true aesthetics clinic in Singapore who have been providing these leading-edge technology and scientifically-proven treatments since the beginning.

The clinic's treatment room with a minimalistic decor

The clinical group's cutting edge is their reasonably-priced medical aesthetics treatment which are genuine, have a high cost price, have been approved by the FDA, and are based on the latest technologies in the market.

They offer a range of aesthetics treatment and such as hair removal, facial issues (acne, facial pigmentation, dark eye circles, wrinkles etc), body fat problems, feminine conditions (vagina laxity, UTI, saggy/small boobs). If you would like to find out more about the variety of services offered, click here.

Simple black dressing gown to switch into prior to the treatments

For a couple of years now, I have had issues with the positioning of my breasts. I find that they are more apart than what I would like them to be, and they don't fill up my bra cups as nicely as what I see on adverts (bad method of comparison but hey, what other choices do I have?)

I listed my concerns with the team at O Medical Clinic and they assured me that they would work towards solving my breast issues with the upcoming bust treatment sessions.

More about the main topic of discussion: Laser Bust Enhancement Package.

The treatment package is a revolutionising breast enlargement method that delivers satisfactory results without having to go under a knife! The non-surgical procedure does not involve any drugs, needles or incisions.

All treatments in the package are non-invasive, there is no experience of any downtime; which means we can resume our daily routine immediately after the treatment session!

The Laser Bust Enhancement package comprises of 3 main treatments that would help to stimulate breast tissues and expand fat cells lying within. This in turn encourages our breast to grow naturally, and while increasing in size, it also helps to lift and firm our bust line.

The 3 steps are:
  1. Laser Bust Enhancement - To stimulate breast tissue growth using laser energy technology, expand fat cells, and stimulate repair of connective tissue to give a lifting effect
  2. Lymphatic Drainage Breast Massage - To stimulate our mammary glands for the enhancement and firming up of our breasts
  3. Breast Suction Enlargement Pump
- To promote blood flow and breast tissue growth through gentle suction, as well as the stimulation of the mammary gland to increase production of new breast tissue cells
I have personally witnessed a change in my bust from the very first treatment session, and I have the numbers to prove it – you'll see the measurements in awhile! And if you would take my boyfriend's word for it, he says that he sees a difference and is (I quote) "very happy with the results!"

Step 1 – Laser Bust Enhancement

The latest technique "Laser Bust Enhancement" makes use of intense pulsed light (IPL) to lift and firm the boobs, or increase their size. The laser helps to stimulate a completely natural growth process experienced throughout puberty and pregnancy.

Oestrogen is produced by a woman's body during puberty and pregnancy and the amount of tissue that the hormones form would determine the size, shape and fullness of the breasts.

The micro-beam from the laser will encourage oestrogen production while mimicking the process of natural growth.

Cooling gel to be used with the laser machine

During the 30 minute session, the gun-like handpiece is manoeuvred over the chest, emitting a micro-beam wavelength which activates the nerves within the breast.

This process increases blood pressure in the capillaries, promotes microcirculation, thickens the connective tissue and encourages the breast cells to enlarge. It also tightens the collagen fibres causing the skin to lift.

What you will feel in the midst of the procedure is a slight burning sensation, kinda like when you've accidentally touched a hot pot of water. The sensation is momentarily when the laser is shot into your breast, and once the handpiece has left your skin, the feeling would be gone.

It can be a little uncomfortable but not intolerable. You can also choose to tell your therapist to tune down the level of the laser and it would help to lessen the discomfort.

FYI I have a low tolerance of pain, so the description of my pain level is subjective to my own experience.

"Laser Bust Enhancement" makes use of intense pulsed light (IPL) to lift and firm the boobs...

Laser Bust Enhancement promises no downtime, bruising, or bed rest. The only side-effects are minor tingling or warm sensations (caused by the reactivation of the nerve) during the first few weeks, and firmness towards the end (which indicates the development of new tissue).

This treatment is unfortunately not suitable for suitable and a pre-assessment is required before undergoing the treatment. For more information on the pre-assessment, click here.

Pain score: 2/10

Step 2 – Lymphatic Drainage Breast Massage

The Lymphatic Drainage Breast Massage aids blood circulation while draining our lymph nodes of toxins causing armpit fats. At the same time, it stimulates the mammary glands within our breasts.

The massage helps in the shaping of our breast for a fuller and perkier effect, evening out the breast size and shortening the gap between the breasts for a rounder and sexier cleavage (think: Victoria Secret Model!)

I feel sorry to say this but out of the three steps, this is my least favourite one because it hurts like a bitch! However for the level of pain experienced, I would say that the results are worth it.

I will provide a detailed description on the experience for your knowledge. A word of advice, do take my description with a pinch of salt as this is my personal experience and what you feel might be different from mine.

Throughout the whole process, it really hurts on two occasions: 1) when they rub my lymph nodes because it becomes sore and uncomfortable, 2) and when they apply pressure on the mammary gland in order to stimulate it.

You should know that there are two forms of pressure applied on the mammary gland which are the most uncomfortable of the lot.
  1. A rotational rubbing motion on your breast around the mammary gland
  2. A downwards pressing motion on your mammary gland which would make you feel like milk is about to explode from your nipples

It can get really uncomfortable – I yelped several times throughout my treatment and even shed a couple of tears – and this is where you really need to communicate with your therapist. Do not be a fool and try to hold it all in!

Your therapist will adjust the pressure and massage techniques based on your experience. Remember, they are there to help!!!!

Pain score: 8/10

Step 3 – Breast Suction Enlargement Pump

Breast enlargement pumps operate through a process known as "tissue expansion". By applying a gentle suction to the breast tissue, the machine is able to promote blood flow and tissue growth.

The gentle vacuum suctioning causes our skin and tissue to stretch, and as a direct result of the stretching, new tissue grows and breast size increases. The breast enlargement pump can also expand our mammary gland tissue which increases production of new breast tissue cells.

During treatment, the suction is followed by a low vibration masssage that stimulates breast regrowth. The suctioning occurs at a low frequency current that stimulates blood and lymph circulation and prevents hyperplasia (abnormal cell development) of mammary glands.

You can't see from this picture but together with the vacuum suction, a red light is emitted from the suction during the treatment procedure. The low-level light therapy works to assist with skin elasticity, smoothness, rejuvenation and spot and freckle removal.

It is a hell lot of benefits in one step, and that is not just it, this treatment is almost pain-free! The suctioning is quite comfortable and is left on for about 30 minutes. You can use your phone or take a nap while the suction pump device does its thing!

Pain score: 1/10

My before-after measurements from the first treatment session

The measurements have all been taken in inches.

As you can tell, the difference is rather astonishing. Within a single session, the radius of my breasts has been increased by approximately 0.6".

For the gap between my two breasts, it has been significantly reduced from 8.6" to 8".

They weren't kidding when they said that the treatment would give fuller and rounder breasts, and a narrower and sexier cleavage!

The results from the first treatment session lasted for about 5 days before my breast sort of deflated by a bit. Nonetheless, I noticed that my boobs were perkier and they filled up my bra cups much better!

As for the after-treatment sensations, I could feel some soreness occasionally for the first two days. The sore sensation is normal and to be expected, so there is nothing to be excessively worried about!

The discomfort is minor and insufficient to render you immobile, hence you can most definitely carry on with your usual daily routine.


I will be back soon with more updates on the progress of my boobs! Do subscribe to my blog so that you will always be the first to get an update!

If you have any queries, you can click here to be directed to their contact form or just drop them an email at

For more information on the available treatments or other store locations, you can check out Only Aesthetics website here or O Medical Clinic website here.

Note: This post was sponsored by Only Group.


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