Tart Blanc: Picturesque Tarts At Millenia Walk That Taste So Good, No Crumbs Are Left Behind

Tart Blanc
Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Blvd
#01-102, Singapore 039596

Nearest MRT: Promenade
Contact: (+65) 6238 6893
Email: info@tartblanc.com
Website: http://www.tartblanc.com/
Operating hours: Weekdays (10.30am-9pm), Sat-Sun (11am-9pm)

Tart Blanc is an artisan pastry cafe, inspired by a blank canvas with limitless possibilities. Here we try to constantly create new and innovative pastries with unique flavor profile, sharing with other enthusiast our passion for all things sweet.

Besides tarts? We also have a selection of handcrafted cookies, macarons, chocolate truffles as well as a savoury selection of sandwiches, pitas and wraps. Our drinks menu also include carefully selected artisan tea and locally roasted coffee.

Hang out at Tart Blanc for a lovely afternoon, our whimsical modern concept is the perfect quiet hideout from the hustle of the city.

Blueberry Lavender Chocolate Tart ($7.50)
Lavender chocolate ganache, homemade blueberry jam, lavender honey soaked joconde and blueberry mousse

A layered blueberry chocolate tart that isn't too sweet. The blueberry mousse was smooth in texture and provided a tinge of tanginess to balance off the sweetness level of the tart.

As for the chocolate, it wasn't overly rich nor sweet, and provided just enough cocoa to ignite a spark of addiction to this dessert.

Chicky Mango Tart ($7.50)
Lychee mochi cake, a thin layer of white chocolate coconut creameux filling, and a mango glazed mango mousse

Another layered tart by Tart Blanc, and this one is even more addictive than the former. The thin layer of white chocolate coconut cream gave a hint of sweetness to this mango tart, and you really have to savour it carefully to taste the bit of coconut added.

The lychee mochi cake was an interesting surprise as the chewiness of it was addictive and went really well with the crispy tart base. As for the lychee flavour, it was a great match with the mangoes, and resulted in a dessert which would leave you feel satiated and delighted.

Rating: 4.5/5

My two cents:

I looooooovee tarts! They are one of my favourite pastries in the world, and I would gladly have them over cakes any day of the week.

To be absolutely honest, my expectations for Tart Blanc were pretty low when I first saw their tarts – they looked so pretty that I thought they were gimmicky, and with all gimmicky desserts... taste is usually compromised.

Being a tart fan, I have high expectations for tarts. So imagine my surprise when I cut opened the two tarts and caught sight of the pretty layers, that got me feeling excited. Then I shoved forkfuls of each tart into my mouth, and boom! Explosions in my mouth baby! The tarts were that good!!!!

These tarts might be a bit pricey (depending on your financial income) but I promise you that they are worth every penny.

Blueberry Lavender Chocolate Tart was amazing as the blueberry mousse disintegrated once it touched my tongue, with hints of blueberry lingering on for a couple of seconds before dissipating. As for the chocolate, I generally detest chocolate in my tarts as they can are either overly-sweet or rich, and that would cause me to feel sick of the tart after awhile.

This chocolate tart however got me going back to it again and again. The chef has obviously done sufficient R&D to produce such brilliant recipes. The chocolate was so smooth, and I strongly advised having a little of each component of the tart on your fork before you send it into your mouth. It is so damn good!

As for the Chicky Mango Tart, it blew my hat off the top of my head. As the name said, "MANGO", I was expecting to be bombarded mangoes – as delicious as mangoes are, you can get pretty annoyed with eating too much mango!

Instead I was greeted with a crunch from the crispy tart base, followed by a nice rush of mangoes before it transited to lychees, and then came the chewy bit of the mochi cake. As soon as I tasted the lychee, I swerved around my chair and asked the staff, "Woah! Are there lychees in this tart?"

I think I might have shocked with them comment as they appeared nervous and must have thought it was a bad thing to taste lychees in a mango cake. Disclaimer here, IT IS NOT A BAD THING! I LOVE IT!!!

The addition of a secondary fruit provided a nice symphony to the primary fruit, and prevented the eater from getting sick of the tart so easily. You will end up sending forkfuls and forkfuls into your mouth, and next thing you know, you've cleared your plate!

The tarts at Tart Blanc comes in 3 sizes: mini 1.25 inch, regular 3 inch and large 7 inch. For the full menu of their tarts on display, click here to view.

Customization and orders for big parties, office gatherings and events are available, do call 6238 6893 or drop them an email (info@tartblanc.com) for more information.

Follow them on their Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates in their menu or ongoing promotions.

Note: This post was sponsored by Tart Blanc.

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