Ollie Café

Note: All food items were fully paid for by me

Ollie Café
277 Orchard Road B2-10, Singapore 238858
Orchard Gateway Shopping Malls

Contact: 67022168
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Ollie-Cafe-1618004835093140/

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Hazelnut Chocolate ($6.50)

Sabsouska ($15.90)
"Chicken con carne, two 63°C eggs, cheddar cheese, jalapeno, mix salad and toast"

Woody Wood Piper ($18.90)
"Grilled portobello, monteray jack cheese, sautéed mushroom, quattro cheese, 63°C egg, mix salad and truffle fries"

Rating: 4.6/5

My two cents:

I chanced upon this cafe while walking around Orchard Gateway, trying to kill some time... and my, my, my this place is officially my new haunt in town. The service is wonderful, the beverages are great — I absolutely love the Hazelnut Chocolate that I had — and the food gets even better!

Sabsouka seems to be a up and coming trending dish. This one prepared at Ollie Café is pretty decent in taste, and as expected it had a fairly rich tangy tomato flavour with bits of chicken in every bite. The chef had also managed to successfully keep both egg yolks runny! Plus points because we all know that making poached eggs aren't as easy as it looks!

As for the Woody Wood Piper, it is the café's best seller and I totally understand why so! Customers get a choice of having either a chicken or beef patty for their burger.

To my surprise, this burger wasn't rich in flavour and the sauce tasted light and subtle. The manager shared with me that the chef had smoked the mushrooms which gave it a smoky after-taste and that accentuated the mushrooms' natural earthy flavour.

I am guessing that the concept of this burger was to make use of all the natural flavour of the ingredients used, even the egg. FYI I requested for my egg to be thoroughly cooked due to my pathetic stomach; it was suppose to be a poached egg and the runny yolk would have added more flavour to the whole dish.

Now down to the truffle fries... that was a bit of a disappointment. I could barely taste the truffle in it! It tasted more like normal fries instead. The colour of the fries and the crisp was amazing though!

Other than serving brunch and main items, Ollie Café also serves an interesting variety of salads which I aim to try during my next visit. They also have a $9.90 all-day cake set that offers a cup of long black or breakfast tea, together with your choice of either cake or muffin!

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