De' Beer Seafood Restaurant @ Sunset Way

De'Beer Seafood Restaurant
#01-38, 106 Clementi Street 12, Singapore 120106

Contact: 6464 1365

De Beer Speciality Fried "La La" Bee Hoon (500g for $18, 1kg for $34)

A refined dish of silky rice noodles coupled with fresh clams. Finely chopped ginger was added so as to mask any possible "fishy" odour from the clams. The broth had a savoury sweet taste (due to presence of the clams), and a tad of spice (which came largely from the chopped ginger).

I find this dish worthy of being known as one of De Beer's "signature" dish. However in my humble opinion, too much ginger was added to my liking. Each mouthful of noodles that I had came with bits of ginger.

Braised Hong Kong Kai Lan with Beancurd Skin and Wolfberries ($14, $22, $26)

Any decent cook would be able to tell you that Hong Kong Kai Lan is not an easy vegetable to cook as poor cooking would result in a bitter after-taste — urrgh, terrible!

De Beer's chef has adequately shown his culinary skills through this vegetable, and paired with the braised beancurd skin... a good match! The chef sprinkles some wolfberries on the top, and it resulted in a dish that was crunchy, savoury and sweet!

Spare Ribs with Guinness Stout and Champagne ($16, $24, $30)

Who would have thought that you could mix up two utterly different kinds of liquor – a beer and a champagne – and create a fabulous marinating sauce?

Besides being rich in its own meat flavour, I was unable to taste any hint of the liquors used in the rib dish. As for the taste, it reminds me subtly of "Pork Ribs in Mame Sauce", however it is less sweet in comparison and much more savoury in taste.

Drunken Sauna Prawns (500g for $30, 1kg for $58)

"Drunken Prawns"... I was expecting the prawns to have been dunked in a pot of Chinese wine, however that isn't the case for this pot of prawns! As shared by the lady owner, no alcohol is used in this dish.

Live prawns are simmered till cooked in a wooden pot full of herbs, over a small stove of charcoal flames. The result are prawns with freshness that you can see as their shell comes off easily. Due to the choice of cooking method used, the moisture of the prawns is retained, thus you can taste the sweetness of the seafood combined with the fragrance of the herbs used.

I've only got one (borrowed) phrase to describe the experience: "It's finger-licking good!"

Chilli Crab (Seasonal Price)

The taste of most chilli crabs either dominate in either sweetness or spiciness.

De Beer has their variation of Chilli Crab to lean towards savoury with a hint of spice. The sauce goes really well with their deep-fried buns, and gives a better contrast with the sweetness of the crab meat.

FYI the crabs used by are Sri Lankan crab, thus you know for sure that you will be getting crabs that have huge claws with tons of juicy sweet meat!

Signature Salted Egg Crab with Crispy Cheese (Seasonal Price)

Two best things in the world: Salted Egg and Cheese! Finally someone decides to throw them together, add a crab to it and come up with this fantastic dish!!

De Beer's one-upped their rendition of the common salted egg crab! I have had tons of salted egg crab before but I have never quite had anything like this. The outer layer of salted egg is crispy, which is completely unlike the usual soggy textured layer that I have experienced when eating salted egg crab!

This dish was a big hit with all my other fellow influencers. Needless to say, it is also one of my favourite dishes from that night!

Flaming Chicken ($60)
Note: Pre-order is required for this dish.

Before serving to their guests, a waitress brings the chicken aside and flambés it with Rose Distillate (chinese name: 玫瑰 露酒). The result is a sweet, tender and succulent chicken, emanating an aromatic alcohol fragrance.

This is a dish that any foodie would want to have tried at least once in their life!

Flaming Chicken is currently only available at De Beer Seafood Restaurant (Sunset Way) and is not known to be present at any other restaurants in Singapore (yet).

"The result is a sweet, tender and succulent chicken, emanating an aromatic alcohol fragrance"

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Dessert: Yam Paste ($14, $22)

There is one thing that everyone is terrified of when we have yam paste: the sweetness level.

I am honoured to announce that De Beer Seafood Restaurant has its yam paste to be of a sweetness level that is under control. Also, the lady owner shared that her chef made this yam paste from scratch in their kitchen, thus resulting in an incomparably smooth texture that every yam paste lover should try!

Ratings: 4/5

My two cents:

From when I was born till I was about 5, I stayed at Sunset Way. That was home.

On the day that I was invited to attend this food-tasting event, I was reminded of home as I travelled down that familiar stretch of road.

My memories from those days are a blur.

What I do manage to recall are the addictive Samosa(s) from the around the block bakery, Balmoral Bakery. My mom would always buy a box of it home, and I would be the first to have one of those yummy triangle curry puffs, and I would also be the one finishing the last of it!

No other food from the vicinity stood out in my mind, till I had my scrumptious dinner at De Beer's at Sunset Way. The food from De Beer Seafood Restaurant was cooked with precision, finesse and a whole ton of love. It reminds an individual of "home".

My favourite dishes from that night would be the Flaming Chicken, Signature Salted Egg Crab with Crispy Cheese and Braised Hong Kong Kai Lan with Beancurd Skin and Wolfberries.

De Beer Seafood Restaurant also has another outlet at D'Kranji Farm Resort (Address: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813)!

Once again, do note that the Flaming Chicken requires special order in advance! So do remember to call and pre-book before visiting!

Note: This is a sponsored post by courtesy of De'Beer Seafood Restaurant and event organiser, StarNgage.

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