Brunch @ The Coastal Settlement

The Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508529

Contact: 6475 0200

Homemade Ice Lemon Tea ($7)

Freshly Squeezed (Rock Melon) Juice ($9)
"Choice of any 2 fruits: red/green apple, carrot, orange, rock melon, watermelon"

Portobello Fries ($15)
"Portobello mushrooms, *panko, truffle mayo"

*Panko: A japanese-style breadcrumb commonly used for coating deep-fried food such as tonkatsu. Panko differs from standard breadcrumbs as it is made from bread without crust.

Wagyu Beef & Mushroom Thin Pizza ($23)
"Wagyu beef slices, sautéed mushrooms, caramelised onions,
mozzarella, cheddar, white wine reduction cream sauce"

XO Prawn Aglio Olio
"XO sauce, fresh prawns, garlic confit, bird's eye chilli, prawn stock, spaghetti

Rating: 4.3/5

My two cents:

The atmosphere at TCS was wonderful. There were antique scooters and cupboards in one corner of the restaurant, crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and fanciful ancient chinese wooden latticework on the walls behind the bar. If you are into retro stuff, this is definitely the kind of place for you!

The contrasting themes seemed confusing at first glance, but after while they kinda fit and made sense!

Oh and there are also the full-length glass windows — which fulfils every instagrammer's dream of perfect natural lighting for beautiful photos! — that formed a physical barrier between the inside of the restaurant and the wilderness beyond it.

As for the food, I was definitely satisfied with it as they were impeccably delicious!!! I would highly recommend the Wagyu Beef & Mushroom Thin Pizza, as well as the XO Prawn Aglio Olio which was recommended to me by their waiting staff.

The Wagyu Beef & Mushroom Thin Pizza had a generous portion of tender beef slices, and the taste of it kinda reminded me of Timber's Duck Pizza but with a slightly earthy hint due to the presence of mushrooms.

The XO Prawn Aglio Olio was slightly spicy and flavourful due to the usage of bird's eye chilli and XO sauce. The pasta was done al dente and the prawns were big and succulent — to be honest this is one of the best prawns that I have had in a prawn aglio olio!

Unfortunately with everything good, there comes a down side as well.

The Coastal Settlement is not exactly in an accessible location. One must own a car to reach this place as it is located at the very East side of Singapore. Free valet parking is available at this café due to its small parking space available, however do be nice and tip your valet!

The Coastal Settlement is also not very wallet-friendly as its food are priced at a steeper end in the market. Total damages for the meal that you see above is about SGD 90++, so do be prepared to break your piggy bank if you decide to have a meal here!

I wouldn't deny though that this place and its food would make a great venue for a romantic first-date, anniversary-date or even better yet for a proposal! *smirks*

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