City Square JB (Part II)

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I am well into my second week of school since after the passing of my 2 weeks term break.

I didn't coop myself up at home 24/7 for 14 days straight. My body would have decomposed if I really did that.

I had to have a certain highlight to my 2 weeks holiday so here it is!! A half-day trip to JB, City Square (again) to be specific.

My purpose of this trip was to pamper myself with good food, catch a movie and just walk around for a bit. Oh and, to buy diapers for the little fatty -.- As instructed by my elder sister.

So first pitstop at City Square was for food! Lunch at "DRAGON-i"!!

City Square, Johor Bahru

Lot no. J3-36, Level 3

Ok so here is a list of what I love to eat at DRAGON-i...

Winter Melon, Longan & Sea Coconut tea (冬瓜龙眼海底椰茶) RM5.00
*FYI exchange rate was SGD1: RM2.50


It's not exactly a list is it? lol

Well it is hard to choose when everything tasted so good and I had a ravishing stomach!! But I promise, I'll try to make sense out of my recommendations (:

So first up, THE TEA. The sweetness level was just alright for me, very appetising and chilling. This tea is good for those who are feeling heaty or just need something to cool their (body) system down from this terrible weather!!

There are bits of sea coconut for you to chew on and some longans (that were thrown in to cook the tea) for you to wrap your tongue and sink your teeth in.

Xiao Long Bao!! (上海小笼包) RM10.30

I generally love xiao long bao from everywhere.. except for the ones from food court, I had it once and gosh it was so horrible!

Then again despite my love for (generally) all xiao long baos, I have my favourites too. And this one, just topped my list of favourites!!!

How should I describe it...? The skin was so thin yet it didn't break as I was lifting it up from the bamboo steamer with my chopsticks. The filling was oh.. just so soft and delectable. The soup in the dumpling.. heavenly I tell you. I've never had any xiao long bao quite like this!!

I felt so sad that this bamboo steamer only had 4 xiao long baos. I had 3 out of the 4. Didn't order another basket of dumplings because we (Rod and I) were afraid that we wouldn't be able to finish all of our food if we did.

Braised Eggplant (鱼香茄子肉松煲)RM18.00

To those of you who dislike eggplants.. You don't know what good stuff you are missing out on!!!

If you have had braised eggplants anywhere else and you thought that that one (wherever you had) is THE ONE, well you haven't had this one yet!

I'll skip describing the taste for this dish because it is (1) too hard to describe, (2) too brilliant that you have got to go try it for yourself to know it!

Chicken broth and Plain Ramen (上海净拉面)RM8.00

A simple bowl of plain ramen and chicken broth for those who are looking for something uncomplicated to fill their tummy. You can know that the essence of the chicken has gone into the broth because you can taste it, and the noodles have been cooked just well enough to retain its al dente texture.

Stir-fry Ramen with black fungus and minced meat (木须肉炒拉面) RM15.00

I can't wait to go back to have another plate of this.

Even while writing about it now, I'm salivating.

The noodles were so chewy that you can't resist having another bite! The taste of it.. Gosh, I don't know how the chef did it but he balanced the sauces really well that you can never get sick of its taste. If you're afraid of the taste black fungus, fret not! You can't taste it and you wouldn't even know that it is there!

This is a huge plate of noodles, serving size seems like it is for two pax. I obviously couldn't finish it by myself hence I packed the rest home and had it for lunch the next day. Best leftover lunch day ever!!

Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant
City Square, Johor Bahru

Lot MB-02C, Level B1

Had dinner at Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant.

Curry Rice RM13.90

I ordered Curry Rice because I was still feeling very full from lunch and the popcorns we had during our movie. We caught the Edge of Tomorrow. Very interesting plot!! For once, Tom Cruise is not an action-packed hero from the start but rather a martial arts noob who is afraid of dying.

Oh and, about the cinema at City Square JB. It is from the Cathay franchise. Super huge movie theatres (as compared to Singapore's, duh right?), only sweet popcorns are available, the seats were relatively comfy, movie tix were super cheap!!

Back to the topic of curry rice, this is the first time that I have had japanese curry which did not have potatoes in it lol! It is a good thing considering the fact that Rod is allergic to potatoes.

Their curry had carrots, chicken and onion slices. It was.. alright.

Simple and filling, just what I wanted.

Ramen Temaki Set RM22.90

This set is crazy cheap. Whole set for SGD 9.16!!!!

Chicken karaage ramen (soy sauce soup base), a small salad and two temakis - one is California and the other one I can't remember what it is.

Gotta love Malaysia and its cheap (and generally good) food!!!

Kinsahi Ya Soft Shell Crab Maki RM11.00

I hearts this!!!! *spam hearts*

Soft shell crab maki is my favourite!! It takes good wrapping skills from the chef, fresh soft shell crab used, the right amount of mayo in it (if it is part of the ingredients list) and the constitution of the right amount of fresh cucumber slices to give a crunchy feel to the sushi.

Then again that is my personal criteria of a good soft shell crab maki.. the additional fish roe or egg wrap is something that I can do without!

And that sort of wraps up my food trip to JB!

I'm planning to go out of City Square during my next trip and to try walking to KSL and explore that place! Getting bored of just walking in City Square alone.. Any food recommendations at KSL? I'll make a mental note to go try it! Let me know down in the comments box below k!

Soph <3

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