City Square

On the first day of my holidays, I went to City Square @ JB for a day trip.

I ate, shopped and pampered myself. I can't remember the last time that I had so much fun in a shopping mall. I guess the reason why I could let myself go and have so much fun was because... everything there was just so much cheaper. Unlike the malls in Singapore where everything is priced at exorbitant prices. It's not a wonder why Singapore is one of the most stressful countries to live in #justsaying

Anyway, here is how my day went:

I got up at 7.30am to prepare because my friends and I agreed to meet at Woodlands MRT station at 8.45am. We were going to take bus 950 (from Woodlands Bus Interchange) into Malaysia. The whole trip into Malaysia lasted for about... 30-35 minutes? Well that is if traffic is light.

So the journey is something like this..

  1. The bus leaves Woodlands Interchange and it takes approximately 15-25 minutes (depends on the traffic) to reach Woodlands Checkpoint
  2. You alight at the checkpoint, get pass the Singapore immigration gates (ie. get your passport stamped by the Singapore immigration officers)
  3. After you get pass the gates, board the bus again and it will bring you to Malaysia's immigration checkpoint
  4. Alight the bus, get pass Malaysia immigration gates and viola! You are now in Malaysia!
  5. Take a short walk of about 5 minutes and you will reach City Square!

You don't have to worry about getting mugged because there is a linked walkway into City Square from the Malaysia checkpoint and there are officers around everywhere! In fact, the walkway is kinda like the bus interchange at Toa Payoh. Lots of stores, fully air-conditioned.. they even have Starbucks there too!

In case you are wondering, this is how City Square looks from the outside.

City Square @ Johor Bahru

To be honest, I never got to see how the megamall looks from outside because I never once stepped foot out of the mall. I took the picture off Google.

I was too chicken (heard too many nasty rumours from my parents and my sister that if I were to be near the roads and not within a shopping mall, I would get robbed and slashed!)(so it might not be true but I doubt I would wanna risk it) to step out of the shopping mall and be exposed to robbers/slashers/bandits/any-dangerous-criminals!

But anyway, it's not a wonder why this is a megamall because it really is.. HUGE!!!!

6 levels full of fun and excitement. Each level had to be categorised using alphabets because the place was just so huge! It was only through that way, then one could understand and find their way when using the directory available in the shopping mall!

My friends and I had Seoul Garden for lunch. It was mad cheap!!!! RM 30 per person!

That is about SGD 12 per pax!! You can't find and get that sorta good deal in Singapore.

After Seoul Garden, I felt icky and smelly because of all the grilling. So.. since I was already in Malaysia and everything was so darn cheap! I decided to get my hair washed.

Ok so this wasn't the salon where I got my hair washed. I went to another one because this place was too atas and I would cry if I spent my money here just to get my hair washed. No money to go shopping if I did :(

This salon was where Rod got his haircut. The name of this salon is eVogue. They focus more on Japanese hairstyles and they really do know their 'thang'!

They transformed Rod into... THIS.


I know, damn amazing right.

When I went off to get my hair washed at another salon, apparently the hairstylist did 2 hairstyles for him with just that one cut.

The first hairstyle was more Japanese style. I didn't get to see it but according to Rod's description, I'm guessing that it looks something like this...

Anyway after we left the salon.. Rod shared with me his reason for choosing that hair salon and it turned out to be because of..

This horse-y.

So white.. So glittery.. So prettttyyyy!!! SO GOOD FOR CAM-WHORING!!

Ok canz. Reason accepted. *spams selfies with le horsey*

But anyway, I do not and cannot deny that they did a spectacular job with Rod's hair!! BRAVO!

The hair salon has several prices for a hair cut:
  • If you chose a Hair Stylist to cut your hair, the price is at RM 48.
  • If you chose a Hair Designer to cut your hair, then the price would be RM 68.
  • If you chose the Director to cut your hair for you, the price is RM 200. (Super huge jump in price range but I am guessing that the director really really really knows his stuff!)

So after Rod's haircut and my hair wash, I met up with my friends again and we went mad at F.O.S! (Or at least, I went mad there!)

Saw this pair of baby shoes!! SO CUTE!!!! I'm so gonna get it for my niece! SOON.

I bought 5 white tees (RM 75) and 2 coloured crop tops (RM 50) for myself, which amounted up to RM 125, which is SGD 50! It's about SGD 7 per top!!

For Rod, I picked out 4 tees (RM 60), 1 varsity jacket (RM 75) and 1 belt (RM 27), which amounted up to RM 162 which is SGD 64.80!! The best buy which was also the one which I am most proud of is his varsity jacket because it cost only SGD 30!!!

In Singapore, with such quality, the varsity jacket would easily cost SGD 70 (cheapest!) to SGD 200????

I GOT THE VARSITY JACKET AT SGD 30!!!! Happy to the max!

After that, my friends went home while Rod and I stayed on for dinner. We had Secret Recipe and omfg.. so cheap. We spent RM 53 (SGD 21)!!

The hairstylist who washed my hair, helped me to blow my hair straight with the ends slightly curled in! I haven't seen myself with long straight hair for a really long time already!

I am usually too lazy to dry my hair with a hair-dryer so after showering, I usually leave it to dry on its own and it would usually turn out looking like how it usually does (ie. CURLED). No complains about it being curled though because most people have to tong their hair to get it curled but mine is just natural, so yeah. Good for a lazy person like moi!

I only took pictures of our drink - Sparkling Grape Juice, because the waitress messed up my order and when I tried to get her to correct it, she messed it up even more.

Okay I blame it on language barrier issues but still.. URRGH!!!! #notthewaitressfault #selfreflect #mustbrushuponmymalay

After dinner, it was shopping time (again) and then it was time for home sweet home!

Disapproving look from Rod. "How can you still take selfies when the place is so stuffy??"

"Because I can." *takes more selfies*

P.S. If anyone decides to go to City Square JB... 'Robin's Portuguese Chicken' (name of eatery) HAS AWESOME PORTUGUESE EGG TARTS!!!

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