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Can't stay away from Tiktok even while coding

After 2 years of not blogging/writing code, I am diving back into the deep ocean of code. I am so rusty, so many things have changed – even Blogger looks so different! It's literally forcing me to type in code. Well I could use the practice so who I am to complain? lol

Things are coming back slowly to my mind as I go about with my studies. Some say might say I'm crazy (I have had a few friends who think I'm mad doing this) but I am realising another dream of mine. For the past 10 years, I've always had this nagging feeling that I should have pursued computer science. I let my parents' disdain for technology affect my academic choices and it has been a regret of mine.

With all that's said, I don't blame them. They did give me a choice in the end to make my own decision: I chose this path.

I feel like everything is coming round to a full circle. It's been a long path but at least I clearly know what I want and what my interests are. Being clear-headed of who I am as a person is one of the things I am most proud of about myself.

This blogskin/website is in need of a total revamp – Ethan is now 4 and I've got a 2nd kid! Who knows, I might just have it be my portfolio. Creating a website that seamlessly combines and integrates professional commercial writing with personal causal journaling (like such) with neither sticking out like a sore thumb. Jazz the pages up with some fancy animation and javascript. Perhaps throw in some video plug-ins for smoothless watching of Tiktok or Instagram videos?

Lol I think I am dreaming a bit too big. Let me first finish up on my HTML studies. It is only day 2 of the course (the amount of course material to go through is heavy!)

To new readers, welcome! You're just in time for another transition in my life. Just nice I am turning 30 this year!

To old readers, hello old friend. Thank you for sticking around, I'm glad to have you! Leave me a comment below if you are an old reader, will send a little something your way! FYI only applicable for those residing in SG because I aren't got money for overseas postage! Raising kids is expensive!!

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