360Xperience (Part I)

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Side-note: Criteria for the contest has been changed! You NO longer have to possess an existing blogger account to take part in the contest, but do remember to include your email address in the comment or I wouldn't be able to contact you if you are one of the lucky 20 winners!!


Well actually, EVERYBODY loves discounts!!!!

Introducing to you, the 360Xperience Privilege Card!!!

360Xperience was established with the aim of bringing more surprises to everyone's life as they strongly believed that 'Life is full of Surprises'.

They explore every corner of our little red dot just to find the best savings & discounts for their members.

And of course, they will experience it first to ensure that it is indeed deemed to be good enough to be shared with their members!

The 360Xperience Privilege Card is the main product of the company. It is a discount card program that allows its members to enjoy great saving and discounts up to 80% from their brand partners, with just that ONE card.

The focus of their program is on 4 categories:

Holistic Wellness - Spa, Fitness & Beauty
Gourmet Indulgence - Food, Beverages & Cakes
Retail Therapy - Shopping
Fascinating Lifestyle - Travel & Lifestyle Related

Today, I will be sharing with you about my experience using the 360Xperience Privilege!


Give me good food, and you'll make me a happy happy girl!

So, I chose to explore the benefits that I could reap with the 360Xperience Privilege Card from the category "Gourmet Indulgence"!!

At the moment they have up to 11 F&B venues for you to choose from, and I believe that they are still in the midst of collaborating with more eateries to provide you with more food choices!

Out of the 11, I chose 2 of them!

The first would be..

Cali Cafe & Bar
31 Rochester Drive, #01-02

(Located in Park Avenue Hotel)
Singapore 138637
Tel: 6684 9897

Quoted from Cali Cafe's webpage,
Known only to quite a few people, the remarkable Cali Cafe is located in one the most iconic locations of Singapore around the Rochester Park area nestled within the Park Avenue Hotel.

It is a complete experience for those looking for a perfect California style cafe as we find pride in serving you the most popular food choices of California including Baby Back Ribs and Steaks with Fries.

An engineering graduate by profession and a cafe owner by hobby, the founder of this cafe were so mesmerized by the Californian delicacies that his love for them made him bring them all from the very home of Universal Studios in The United States to the country of Singapore.

Embraced with soft peppy music and books, this lifestyle cafe is a perfect place to stop your car and scoff the best pastries, desserts, cakes and coffee in town. Not known to many, right inside the cafe is a small yet unforgetful dessert cafe that serves you all signature ice creams of Ben & Jerry’s & New Zealand Natural Ice cream complimented with Belgian Waffles.

We at Cali Cafe believe in the motto of “where Lifestyle comes together” and therefore leave no stone unturned to provide you a healthy yet relishing food experience with friends and family as all the food products that we serve consist of health seasonal items for the best of your health.

Rod is spoilt with choices!!

Do remember to bring the voucher and both Privilege Cards along!

Blackcurrant Fizz. Tasty and cooling!

Tropical Twist

Juicy watermelon, mango and strawberries are blended together to refresh and cool any palate.

Savour every drop and let yourself be carried away into sweet bliss. *slurrrrrppppp*

Wild Mushroom Soup

This is superb!!

The layer of oil atop is truffle oil. It's good stuff! I got a shock when I first saw it and requested if I could have the oil removed haha! The chef was like "No no! This is truffle oil! Good stuff!!" (Heh.. So malu!)

It looks rather disgusting and oily at first glance, but drink your first mouthful and you will fall in love with it! The truffle oil brings out the mushroom flavor even more, and it surprisingly does not taste oily at all (for real!), not at all like when you're eating a pot of oily chicken curry. I don't know why and I certainly do not mind anyone explaining why to me if you do know the reason!

Oh and, unlike most restaurants that served you mushroom soup that has been cooked early in the morning or even a few days ago, this is cooked upon ordering! *thumbs up*

Hohoho! Calamari Rings

Rod claims that this is the best calamari rings that he has ever eaten! The 2 sauces are respectively mashed tomato and tartar sauce!

My Pan Seared Salmon

A 6oz salmon fillet pan seared, topped with mushroom sauce and served with potato puree and seasonal vegetables.

3 words to describe: Moist, Crispy, Tender

Best pan seared salmon ever. Super tempted to hire the chef to cook the food for my wedding lunch. Can I do that please? Lol!

Le Bf's Glazed BBQ Baby Back Ribs

14 ounces of juicy baby back ribs rubbed, basted and cooked to perfection with BBQ sauce. Served with garden salad, fries and pineapple chutney sauce.

Incredibly generous portion. We didn't expect there to be so much meat on the baby back ribs but there was!!! This photo does no justice to the actual thing.

I'm sorry that there is so much noise on the image. Recently got myself a new camera! Am going to test it out soon! I know that it is good for selfies but hopefully it is good enough too for food photos!

Our tummies are fully filled and satisfied!

Thank you Cali Cafe for the wonderful meal & 360Xperience for the great introduction and huge saving discount!!


Next up!!

Ice Cream Frenzy @ Rochester
31 Rochester Drive, #01-01

(The Rochester, Park Avenue Hotel)
Singapore 138637
Tel: 6684 9606

Extracted from their info page on 360Xperience,
At Ice Cream Frenzy, we sell freshly handmade Gelato that makes one feels one scoop is never enough. Our gelato ice cream is low in fat, less in sugar with no preservatives. Hence, making one's choice healthier. Flavors like Earl Grey, New York Cheese Cake, Salted Caramel and Soursop with Cranberry are highly demanded by customers.

Ice Cream Frenzy café is a cosy place for people to chill out with their friends and family. It is situated just a stone away from the Buona Vista MRT.

Swiss Chocolate

Not too sweet. Full of chocolate flavour, thick and creamy. I'm not a humongous fan of chocolate ice-cream but this one is addictive. I recently went back for just another scoop of this! Heehee!!

After my brief sharing session on the perks to gain from the 360Xperience Privilege Card, what are you waiting for???

With the Privilege Card, you stand to gain up to 92% discount from their brand partners! That's a lot of saving!!!!

Within the membership period, members can patronise their brand partners unlimited times to enjoy the savings & discounts!!

360Xperience is currently running a crazy promotion on their Privilege Card!!!

Up to 65% discount if you get it NOW!!

Furthermore, the goodies does not end right there!

With each purchase of their Privilege Card, you will also receive their welcome gifts which includes complimentary Sadhana Sanctuary Yoga Passes, dining vouchers & more.. Everything amounting up to be worth over S$300!!!

360Xperience is currently also in the midst of helping to run a fundraising campaign for the needy children of the Children's Cancer Foundation.

For every membership subscription, part of the proceeds from their membership sales will go to support their "Life should be filled with Surprises" campaign.

360Xperience has also been kind enough to offer 20 x 6 months of Privilege Card membership to my blog readers FOR FREE!!!!

So yes, 20 of you will each stand to win 6 months of Privilege card membership!!

And that is not all! Specially for the 20 lucky winners, 360Xperience has also thrown into the set:
  • Complimentary Sadhana Sanctuary yoga passes, 6 sessions. (worth $210)
  • Complimentary Palmer's product samples
  • Complimentary Dining, Shopping, Spa vouchers worth over $200!!!

All you have to do is to comment in my comment box below, and tell me:
(1) Why you want to win and,
(2) Which of the 4 category do you intend to first explore with the use of the 360Xperience Privilege Card

I will pick my favourite 20 comments and you might just be one of the 20 lucky winners!!!

Do not forget to:
leave your email address behind

Or I wouldn't be able to contact you if you are one of the 20 lucky winners!!!

Closing date: By 30 August 2014 at 12pm!!

Unfortunately this contest is only available to Singapore Citizens, Singapore PRs or anyone residing within Singapore. (Sorry!!!)

"From pampering yourself with a spa treat to indulging in your favourite food, you will find yourself spoilt for choice."
- 360Xperience

And for those who aren't keen on participating in the contest but would like to purchase a Privilege Card, I am please to share with you that 360Xperience has offered an additional 5% discount for my readers!

Key in the promo code '1005' during checkout to redeem the additional discount!

If you key in the promo code, you will also stand to receive these complimentary items in your set:
  • Complimentary pair of GV movie tickets (worth $24) *Applicable for 24mths Privilege Club Membership only
  • Complimentary Sadhana Sanctuary yoga passes, 6 sessions. (worth $210)
  • Complimentary Palmer's product samples
  • Complimentary Dining, Shopping, Spa vouchers worth over $200!!!

Start spoiling yourself NOW!!!


  1. Why I want to win: The card sounds very useful for someone who likes fine dining and shopping :)
    Which of the 4 category do you intend to first explore with the use of the 360Xperience Privilege Card: The food area of course ^^

  2. (1) Why you want to win
    Well, normally, I don't really comment on blogs, but I have been really impressed and wowed by your illustrations. Niceee! So me and my GF would really appreciate the opportunity the indulge in the privileges you have so vividly and tantalizing described. Especially the sumptuous looking food!

    (2) Which of the 4 category do you intend to first explore with the use of the 360Xperience Privilege Card
    I am a foodie, so it's time to pig out! baby back ribs here I come! :)


  3. Why i wish i win this card?
    I'm not sure about the rest, what i know is that yes life is full of surprises,but i would say we dont always get the best surprises? Some good,some bad,well sometimes life is just too boring that there is seriously NO SURPRISES... But today reading abt how this card can offer me,im surprised by how this card offers every user a real 360experience. this is something new,something that i havent seen before (im a crazy fan of DISCOUNT CARDS,but where to find just one card to give me so much?) hope i get one n go for crazy days of munching,shopping, n pampering ourselves in in the pool of surprises 360experience card can offer us:)

    Of course, i would love to have the dining shopping n food vouchers out of the 4 categories to enjoy it with my bf who works overseas,whenever he comes back once in a while:P

    ✋✋✋Choose me choose me as one of the lucky one to win this awesome card! ✋✋✋

  4. Why I want to win this card? I hate signing up for memberships and carrying cards around, so this card really saves me the trouble as it provides so much discounts for so many different categories :D

    as I am a foodie, I would definitely try out the food outlets :P