Celebrate Your Long Weekends With Short Vacations To Legoland Malaysia: Your Complete Travel Guide

Monday, February 6, 2017

You might think that Legoland is a place for kids or lego-fanatics. Yes, that would be true, but this theme park cum hotel has so much more to offer than just that!

It is a place where adults (you read right, ADULTS) can gather and have a whole weekend of fun, with little to no planning at all. Everything that you need for an enjoyable vacation – food, accommodation, entertainment – is all covered within the 310,000-sqm premises. And the best thing yet, it is a mere 15 minutes away from Singapore – that means more time spent playing instead of travelling!

Here is a complete guide on what you can expect from neighbouring theme park, Legoland Malaysia!


Getting to Legoland Malaysia is easier than you think!

If you're driving, just turn on Google Maps on your smartphone, load the map from your location to Legoland Malaysia, turn off your mobile data but keep your location setting on, that would help to point you in the right direction to the theme park.

It is highly recommended to go through the TUAS 2nd Link Checkpoint (instead of Woodlands Checkpoint) as it'll save you a whole lot more time!

Legoland Malaysia Back Entrance

If you don't intend to drive, you have two options to choose from: Go private or go public.

  • By Private Transport

    At the moment, the only travel agency in Singapore to offer a direct route from Singapore Flyer to Legoland Malaysia is WTS Travel.

    The WTS bus enters Malaysia on a daily basis with two timings available: 0900hrs and 1030hrs.

    I would recommend taking the earlier timing as the wait at customs can be rather unpredictable at times. If there are foreigners onboard the bus – ie. HongKongers, Indonesians, PRCs, Japanese and other nationalities – they would have to take the manual queue at Singapore checkpoint, hence the wait.

    Do also note that you are required to take all of your luggage down with you for scanning at the Malaysia customs.

    The WTS bus leaving Malaysia is at: 1715hrs or 1845hrs.

    The point-to-meet is usually at Legoland Hotel Lobby, but do double-check and confirm with the WTS personnels when you book and before you board the bus to Malaysia.

    You are required to take all of your belongings down at the Singapore customs for possible spot-checks and scans.

    The price for a round-trip ticket costs between $24-$28 per pax, depending on off/peak season of travel.

  • By Public Transport

    There are four important pitstops that you've gotta know if you intend on taking the public route in.

    1. Jurong East Bus Interchange
    2. Singapore Immigration Checkpoint (TUAS)
    3. Malaysia Immigration Checkpoint
    4. Legoland Malaysia

    Jurong East Bus Interchange – Singapore Immigration Checkpoint:

    Take the Causeway Link Bus CW3 or CW4 from Jurong East Bus Interchange. The fare for a one-way trip costs SGD $4 per pax. Do prepare the cash beforehand as you have to pass it to the bus operator before boarding the bus, and he will hand you back a paper ticket in return.

    Singapore Immigration Checkpoint – Malaysia Immigration Checkpoint:

    Get your passport scanned/stamped and proceed onto the bus bay at the Singapore Immigration Checkpoint. Now, this part gets a tad tricky so pay attention. Follow the signage that points you towards the berth for public buses.

    When you've arrived at the berth, you would realise that there may be other private coaches being parked at the allocated berth and it seems like there is no space around for the CW bus to be parked. Well, that is because the CW bus aren't gonna be parked and you would have to hop onto it as it drives by the berth – it is one helluva harrowing experience!

    Keep your eyes peeled for the CW bus, you can board any of the CW buses which would fetch you across the linkway. Once it stops for a brief 2 minutes, board the bus quickly but do remember to look out for the oncoming traffic before dashing across the road recklessly!!! There is no need to pay any additional fee are this bus fare is included in the $4 from before..

    Malaysia Immigration Checkpoint – Legoland Malaysia:

    Once again, get your passport stamped at the Malaysia customs and your belongings scanned. Proceed onto the bus bay and walk to the furthest end for the 'public bus' berth. There are two bus options that would bring you to Legoland from here: CW7 or JPO2.

    The last time I checked, if you board CW7, there is no need to pay for any additional fare. Just show the bus driver your ticket from before.

    As for JPO2, it is a Malaysia-operated bus service and the bus fare is RM2 per trip. The timings for JPO2 are as such (in hours),
    • Departs from CIQ 2nd Link to Legoland Malaysia: 0830, 1130, 1430, 1730
    • Departs from Legoland Malaysia to CIQ 2nd Link: 1105, 1405, 1705, 2135

    Legoland is the first stop for both buses, and the place where you alight at is Medini Mall. Walk through the mall and you'll find yourself in front of Legoland Theme Park.

Back entrance into Legoland hotel
Entrance into Legoland Hotel from Medini Mall


Legoland Malaysia Hotel
Legoland Malaysia Resort

Where else would you possibly want to stay but at Legoland Hotel? There are two types of rooms available, the Deluxe or the Suite, and up to three themes for your choice: Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure.

I've stayed there twice and got the Deluxe room (but a different theme) for both times.

There are 6 perks of staying at Legoland hotel:

  1. The fantastic experience of being around amazing Lego creations 24/7

    Legoland Kingdom Deluxe Room
    Kingdom Deluxe Room: Master Bedroom

    Legoland Kingdom Room Bunk Bed
    Kingdom Deluxe Room: Bunk Beds

    Legoland Adventure Deluxe Room
    Adventure Deluxe Room: Master Bedroom

    Legoland Adventure bunk bed
    Adventure Deluxe Room: Bunk Beds

    Legoland Hotel Toilet
    Clean & Spacious Bathroom

  2. All the rooms have a surprise "Welcome Treasure Hunt" that is bound to delight both adult and child

    treasure hunt
    See what I meant by delight both ADULT and child? Lol

    treasure hunt bank
    Mysterious Treasure Chest

    Within each room, lies a treasure chest. A piece of paper (containing the puzzle to solve) is placed on the dressing table in the master bedroom. Solve each question and you'll be able to unlock the treasure chest!

    Here's a clue: Key in the numbers from right to left. Good luck!

  3. Extreme convenience when going to the theme park or water park

    Did anyone say "Water Park"?!

    Change out into your swimwear within the comforts of your room, and head out to the Water Park just downstairs!

  4. Settle your meals easily at the hotel's F&B outlets: Di Mattoni or Bricks Family Restaurant

    Di Mattoni offers Italian cuisine and is only opened from 5pm to 10.30pm. They can take up to 50 pax at a time, and albeit no reservation is required, you may do so if you wish by calling +607 560 3888.

    Bricks Family Restaurant serves international-style buffet and caters for all three major meals in a day. The restaurant can take up to 420 pax at any one time, and also has a small bar area within for adults looking to have a quick cocktail or beer.

    Dinner at Bricks Family Restaurant

    Sneak preview of the food options available at Bricks Family Restaurant, scroll down further for more pics

  5. The décor in the hotel changes frequently with the festivities

    Legoland Hotel Lobby Normal
    How the hotel lobby looks like on a normal day

    Legoland Hotel Lobby Halloween
    How the hotel lobby looks like for Halloween 2016

  6. Trade in your lego figurine with any Legoland staff

    Trade your Lego figurine
    Swop yours for a rare or unique-looking Lego figurine from any Legoland staff!

    Got a Lego figurine that you don't really fancy? Bring it along and swop it with any of the Legoland staff for theirs, worn on their name tags. They can't say no so you're in luck if you catch someone wearing a rare figurine – I manage to swop for a limited edition one, whoop whoop!

If you are on a tight budget, you can consider staying at these Legoland's Partner Hotels instead:


Two options for you when it comes to entertainment: Legoland Theme Park or Water Park

Legoland Malaysia

The Theme Park comprises mostly of dry rides that were made for young kids. With that said, adult friends can still to derive a ton of joy and screams from the same rides too!

Try 'Project X' which got @kaitinghearts and I screaming our lungs out
(credit: Zong Han)

Be wow-ed by the detailed Lego artwork in 'The Dragon', feel the thrill as you coast through an epic course!

Compete with your friends as you shoot virtual shuriken at 'NINJAGO® THE RIDE',
aim get your face up on the "TOP SCORE" board.

Star Wars fanatics would be thrilled in Star Wars Mini-land as they relive the scenes of each episode

And of course, there's more! Be ready to get wet as you coast down a three-storey drop at Dino Island, enjoy the bumpy ride on the Beetle Bounce, shoot water cannons at your friends on the Aquazone® Wave Racer, and try not to puke your lunch out on the TECHNIC® Twister.

Legoland Christmas
Legoland had fairy lights trailing all over the park during Christmas 2016

Lego Miniland KLCC twin towers
Check out the latest addition to Mini-land, the impressive KLCC Twin Towers built entirely out of Lego bricks!

If you're looking for rides with more thrill, then grab your swimwear and head over to the Water Park instead. Just between me and you, the Water Park is my favourite out of the two!

Legoland Water Park

legoland water park
Legoland Water Park is twice the size of Adventure Cove, and their slides are doubled in height.

Don't pass on the kiddy-looking Joker Soaker, because it does offer more than what you may see!

I had some of the best water slides on this water playground, and not to mention the 300-gallon bucket spill that soaked me senseless!

Build a paddle using the Lego bricks, have a mini competition with your friends on this lazy river!

My recommendation would be to try ALL of their slides, and be sure to catch the Slide Racer, Brick Blaster and Wave Rider!

Legoland Water Park Locker Rental
Bring some cash along so that you can rent a locker to store your belongings!

You can book your day tickets to both parks from here or get an Annual Pass to enjoy unlimited visits to both parks throughout the year! Annual Pass Holders are also entitled to enjoy discounts on hotel stays, 50% discount on park tickets worldwide, Lego purchases and more.

#4 | FOOD

Food, an essential component of any travel because without the refuel, how could we have more fun!

As mentioned before, there are two restaurants within Legoland Hotel – namely Bricks Family Restaurant and Di Mattoni.

Legoland Bricks Restaurant
Legoland Hotel: Bricks Family Restaurant

Legoland Bricks Restaurant
Fresh pizza made from scratch coming right outta the oven!

Legoland Bricks Restaurant
Piping hot bowl of noodle soup from the live station

Legoland Bricks Restaurant
Fancy some smoked meat and cheese?

Legoland Bricks Restaurant
Meats from the 'live' grilling station – the BBQ prawns were my fav!

Legoland Bricks Restaurant
Aye, dessert table please!

Legoland Bricks Restaurant Dessert
Chilling with an Asian dessert, the Ice Kachang

Alternatively you can fill your bellies within the attraction parks, as there are 11 more food and beverage outlets for you to choose from!

Legoland Theme Park: Burger Junction
(pic credit: Kaiting)

Take for instance my favourite burger shack in Legoland Theme Park, Burger Junction. Their crispy golden onion rings are not to be trifled with!

Crispy Golden-Brown Onion Rings
(pic credit: Kaiting)

Legoland Theme Park: Market Restaurant

For some Asian and Western delights, move along to Market Restaurant which operates in a food court style and offers a selection of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western cuisine.

Nasi Briyani

Classic Fish & Chips

Kids' menu, Mac & Cheese + Fish Fingers + Chix Nuggets

Generous portion of Ice Kachang (fit for 4 pax!)

Some other food joints that you can visit are Pizza Mania, King's Grill, The Café and many more!

After a day of splashing fun at the Water Park, you're bound to find yourself hungry and cold! Head over to the Beach Grill for some hot refreshments, such as their fish fingers and fried calamari which are just so damn frigging good!

If these many food options are still unable to satiate your appetite, shuffle over to the various restaurants at Medini Mall situated right beside the hotel.


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For more information on Legoland hotel, or the theme park tickets and more, click here. Latest updates on their ongoing promotions and events can be found on their Facebook and Instagram.