Happy midweek!

It's officially Thursday!!!!

Congratulations, you have been managed to get through more than half of the week!

Two more days and you can scream...

I'm currently out on clinical placement. As per usual, I can't reveal where I am working at due to certain protocols put in place by my school. All that I can say is.. I will most probably be shedding a lot of tears for this clinical placement.

Mentally prepping myself already. *takes in a deep breath of air*

When the going gets tough, you really gotta cherish life a whole lot more.

It's more precious than you think it is.


Gonna share snippets of my school life!

I will be graduating in less than 6 months (yay!) and knowing that when I return to school from my current clinical placement, I would have little time to explore the premises. Hence I had to make good use of the last day of second last semester by giving the school's "cafe" a go!

Ok, there is the two inverted commas because I THOUGHT it was a cafe but it wasn't!! It is actually a RESTAURANT!!!

And what caught my surprise and took my breath away was the extent and length gone to decorate the place.

It didn't even seem like it belonged within a school compound. The place looked like some fancy italian restaurant at a 4 star hotel.

Presenting to you.. "L'Rez"

180 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Nanyang Polytechnic
Block F, Level 3

Singapore 569830

Tel:6451 4384
Email: L-Rez@mymail.nyp.edu.sg

Usually they would be serving a 3 courses meal at $12 NETT. But when I went, they were serving a lunch buffet spread at $15.90 NETT.

So okay, might as well try it since I was already there!

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take a picture of the food served at the buffet table. There weren't a lot of options.

There was white rice, soup (as seen in the picture above), slices of baguette available to go with the soup, some chicken roll, steamed fish in Cantonese style, balsamic salad and asparagus stir-fried with (dried) scallops and prawns.

FYI the prawns were big and juicy. Super super yummy!

Some chickpea + chicken soup. I can't remember the full name. It was too long.


Frankly speaking, I was rather skeptical about this initially since... well, technically speaking, curry and pasta do NOT go well together. But oh gosh, this dish was heavenly.

Somehow they managed to blend the two different types of food so perfectly well. The curry tasted a little bit like the Mee Rebus gravy + Japanese curry? It was thick and hence it coated well around the penne. Good pasta choice!

I liked it so much that I wanted to go for a second serving of it, but I stopped myself from it because I knew that I would be over-eating and would then feel bloated. Hence, why make myself suffer right?

Happy Homie (:


The desserts were great for Instagram but were unfortunately a huge disappointment for my tastebuds, only one of them managed to pass my taste test. More pics below.

Bread and butter pudding

I almost died swallowing this down. I didn't even bother to chew. I was just swallowing it down in whole mouthfuls, dying to get it over and done with. It was so so so bad.

Soggy. Moist. Disgusting. Icky. Just.. yuck!!

Not my kind of thing I guess.


Looks so pretty but not my thing too (unfortunately) because it is coffee-flavoured!

I took one mouth of the content and gave up. It was too soft for me. Sensory overload? I almost belched everything out. Especially after having downed the whole bread and butter pudding down the way that I did.

The crunched up bits at the top are coffee I suppose, or that's what it tasted like to me?

I guess the extremely sweet-tooth people would like it because this is really really sweet!

Some strawverry puff thing!

THIS IS MY FAVOURITE OF THE LOT!!!!!!! I felt super happy eating this.
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Puffy puffs (ok fine this description does not make sense but I am having a tough time picking out the right verb!)
  • Perfectly blended custard cream which wasn't too sweet nor over-powering


Just strike the bread and butter pudding out from the menu and serve me 10 more of these yummylicious little strawbie custard puffs!

With Roo! (not her actual name FYI)

And that's all lah from the food lot.

The rest are pics that I took with/of my closest polymates and I'm gonna miss them so much during this 8 weeks attachment period, and I can already foresee that I will miss them even more when I graduate.

They are probably the only people/thing/memory that I will cherish from my 3 years of studying in this school. Everything else, I just wanna erase and permanently delete from my brain if possible.

On second thought, let's also keep whatever knowledge that I have gathered since I practically shed blood and sweat to get those information into my head in the ridiculously short amount of time that we were given to cram all that stuff into our head before we were sent into the slaughterhouse (aka examination hall) to spill out whatever guts we were left with.


Kat and Reg

Classic Beryl head-turn shot

She always take the most unglam shots of people. I don't know how she does it but if you ever want the ugliest/unglamorous/ridiculous/worst picture of me, she is the person to look for!


This one is the TRUE CLASSIC.

All of us have one of this picture in our photo album. It's like a guaranteed thing.

Addy, I'm gonna miss you the most when I graduate.

I will save the teary speech for when we do have to part in our ways. Till now, I'm cherishing every moment that we have got left.

BAT (pronounced as "butt", like really)

I died laughing when I saw her in this outfit. First time that I ever saw her in this and it is because I went to her house for Hari Raya. It was hilarious. I stood outside her house for like 3 minutes, just laughing and laughing at her and the outfit. I have nothing against her and the outfit by the way.

It was just funny because I had never seen her in this outfit and I know that she kinda dislikes being in it because she generally hates wearing anything feminine and well.. it was a dress? It was too much for me lah, seeing her so feminine all of a sudden!

The Bat that I know is all boisterous and cool, and not afraid to show the world that there is nothing that a man can do that a woman can't do! Hats off to you Bat!! By the way, she is the best linguist that I ever know. Speaks brilliant English, fluent Malay, can understand bits of Chinese and speaks a little, super fluent in Japanese and Korean (practically like her mother tongue)!


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