Boston Seafood Shack: One of the MOST ridiculous meals ever!

I haven't been to Boston before, but I am very sure that the seafood sold in Boston will be a lot more worth its value as compared to what I had at Boston Seafood Shack.

Boston Seafood Shack
#01-46 The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617
Tel: (+65)6694 3984

I went to the outlet at Bueno Vista and honestly.. I have to admit that the food isn't too bad.

It is edible but there is a lack of an "X" factor. Furthermore for the portion of food served, it really isn't worth the price that you will be paying for.

This is one of those places that I would only recommend going if you have a thing for colourful furnitures and a lot of money to blow (swag swag swag, on you) (or your girlfriend/boyfriend) #justinbieberboyfriend #forthosewhodontgetmyjoke

Appetiser #1: Wild Mushroom Soup $5.50

I have ever paid more for a bowl of mushroom soup hence for the sake of justice I shall declare that I personally find the price of this dish to be fairly reasonable.

As for the taste, it was thick, creamy and flavourful. I love the bits of mushroom in it.

This is an odd comment but I like the colour of this mushroom soup.

I generally usually find mushroom soups of a dark brown colour to appear more appetising and somehow.. it seems more genuine(?) because the brown colour comes from the mushrooms and hence the darker brown it is = more mushrooms added, and I love mushrooms?

I know, I have a weird sense of logic. Especially when it comes to food. Oops!

Appetiser #2: Crispy Soft Shell Crab (with lobster sauce) $11

If the thought that crosses your mind right now is..

"Why would she be stupid enough to pay $11 for ONE freaking SOFT SHELL CRAB?!?!?!?!"

Please hear me out first...

Do I look stupid? (Of course I don't, that was a rhetorical question)

I would NEVER in my RIGHT MIND pay $11 for ONE minute soft shell crab, unless it is some heavenly crab that I would regret on my deathbed for not having tried it during my living years

"WE (Rod and I) GOT DUPED!!!!"

I say that because you can scroll down and see the next pic.

From the menu, we thought we would be paying $11 for 2 soft shell crabs (which is more price reasonable) but when the waitress served us the plate with that small soft shell crab.. We froze in shock.

We flipped through the whole menu looking for any fine prints which state that the pictures were only for illustration purposes. There were NONE!!!!

I can bet with you that the name of that crab is "Joe" because it cannot be any more average than it already is. There was nothing spectacular about its taste. It was so ordinary that I rather go to Sakae Sushi and order their soft shell crab. Cheaper and bigger in size.

If you're telling me that I am paying for the lobster sauce then I HAVE to tell you that the "lobster sauce" is in fact their LOBSTER BISQUE.

And a bowl of their lobster bisque is priced at $6.50.

I feel so fucking scammed.

Rod was fuming because he loves soft shell crab.

He felt so devastated looking at Joe, the soft shell crab.

Main: Grilled Barrmundi $16

The rest of our meal went downhill from the soft shell crab.

Our main was ridiculous as well. We paid $16 for that small portion and it was nothing like what we had expected (once again, we judged based on the pictures from the menu)

Fortunately we weren't feeling hungry and when we ordered, we THOUGHT we were going to get a huge portion hence we decided to share. Well we were so upset over what we were served that we became full from our devastation instead.

We hurriedly finished the pathetic amount of food, footed our ridiculous bill and got our asses out of the restaurant.

We were not the only customers who were shocked by the portion of food served. There was another family sitting behind us and when the waitress placed their plates of food on the table, I (because I was sitting facing the famiy) saw the expression on each and every of their faces .


One of the most ridiculous meals that I have ever had in my life. This memory has been deeply etched in my mind.

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