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I'm sorry that I didn't update my blog over the last weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have already known that something big happened in my life over the course of the last weekend.


I have been an aunt before. I have 3 nephews and 1 niece, but all of them were my cousin's babies. So they were kinda like.. not so directly related to me. But this baby niece is different! She is my sister's baby! I am her direct aunt!! (And a very proud one too lol!)

When she just came out!

Not a very pretty sight lah... and a bit scary looking haha! (To my dearest niece who might read this in the future, yiyi loves that sight of you the most k!!!)

After being slightly cleaned up... Much better and cute looking right?? *heart starting to melt*

Happy grandparents!! Look at my dad's smile. I've never seen him smiling so widely before.

My dad is bad at smiling for the camera. He always gives this super awkward smile when he is asked to smile for the camera. It's like a very forceful, awkward, unnatural smile :/ But for this very shot, he didn't have to force it at all. All he had to do was to lift up his head and I snapped the shot.

His smile in this shot.. it is brimming with happiness for the little one that he is holding in his arms. The joy that she brings.. it is undeniable and irresistible.

Rod started babbling at her after spending 1 minute with her LOL! Super funny to me because I have never seen him baby-talk before.

#awww *heart completely melted*

Yes!! She opened her eyes already!

She will give you this puppy look that will just take your breath away and you'll melt in front of her like an ice-cream under a hot sun in the Arabian Desert.

Think... Olaf. LOL!!

Hot toasted sandwiches that comes from the machines!!!

I love these sandwiches that comes from the vending machines that will toast and heat up the bread. It's super yummy despite being rather.. pricey (Chocolate hazelnut was $2.30, BBQ pineapple chicken was $2.80). I can usually only find these machines at hospitals.. So sad man. I wouldn't mind having these for breakfast everyday!

They change the menu almost every 1-2 days? I know because when my grandfather was admitted into NUH a couple of years ago.. I was on watch shift most of the days because it was my gap year and I had the most free time as compared to everyone else :/

Had a super quick lunch before heading down to the hospital on the 2nd day of her birth

My current favourite appetiser at Pastamania is their Honey Garlic Chicken!!! Super yummy and sweet! A really great start to any meal!

Basil chicken fusilli and their new salmon ravioli in tangy cream sauce

I don't think the ravioli contained salmon because it didn't taste nor look like salmon. The cream sauce is really overwhelmingly sour. I haven't tried the other 2 types of ravioli (mushroom ravioli and spinach ravioli). It comes in a set meal of ravioli of your choice and a cup of SJORA, for $9.90. Be warned: Try the ravioli at your own discretion.

Grilled salmon and white fish

Super suaku to say this but... this is my first visit to Fish 'N' Co! I guess I am more of a Manhatten Fish Market person. In fact, I think even the price at Manhatten's is more my kind than Fish N Co's.

I was so shocked when I saw the menu at Fish N Co's. Other than the fried stuff and the food at the Under 500 (meaning: under 500 calories) category... everything else was above $16!!! Not so wallet-friendly I suppose.

I wouldn't deny though that the fish was really fresh.. however the rice was cold and rather tasteless. The seasonal veg (ie. radish and carrots) were mediocre.

Something to note: I was not expecting radish and carrots for my seasonal veg. I was thinking of something along the lines of lightly boiled FRESH broccoli and carrots. I wouldn't even mind french beans and carrots or corn kernels. But carrots and radish were a total shocker.

The worst thing was that they tasted like they were cooked early in the morning when the restaurant started its day and then left there to turn cold and be subsequently served to the patrons who ordered seasonal veg for the rest of the day. I had this meal for dinner!!! At like 8pm, which means that it has been left there for probably more than 9 hours?? Yuck!

Mediterranean pizza

Super healthy and brimming with the taste of tangy tomatoes. Don't judge its petite portion. It can be rather filling!

And tadah!!! End of this post with a super cute picture of my super adorable niece!

I hope this picture makes your day and that you will have a great week ahead!

Soph <3

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