Breezer and Bon Jovi, BBQ Chicken and Eighteen Chefs


How has your week been?

Mine was an awfully crazy, stressful and exhausting. I think I might just start doing this....

It didn't help that that my mom had an episode of food poisoning last Friday and it was so bad that I had to rush her to the hospital to be put on drip at 2am in the morning.

Stressed out me

Thankfully she is all better now, and is back to doing what she does best... ie. baby talking with Clarissa.

"Sigh.. Need to entertain grandma and her weird baby-talk again... Hi grandma :/"

I felt so crazy and so stressed out that I needed to distract myself in order to take my mind off all the things that I simply wasn't ready nor capable of handling yet. Hence I took a break last weekend and it was awesome.

Actually it was awesome because I had a peach Breezer (yes, just Breezer is enough to make me happy. Don't judge!) which gave me the guts to belt my lungs out and was totally in the mood to sing Bon Jovi's "It's My Life".

It was the first time that I had managed to sing it successfully after several attempts previously. Singing a song that I could relate to helped to take away some of my stresses.

Think I should have sung Simple Plan's "Welcome To My Life" too. That song would be even more apt! #songtosingthenexttime

Dinner at BBQ chicken before going karaoke

The food here was... alright. More elaboration on it later.

I would have rated them 4 stars for their service because I wouldn't deny that they were all very friendly and polite. Unfortunately, they only get a 3 because they failed to keep to their word.

This was what I had: Golden Olive Chicken

The reason why I am so annoyed with them is because when they served me this plate of food, they told me "I will bring the calamari rings to you in awhile". I politely said "Ok!" and then the waiter walked away. However.. he never brought me my calamari rings.

I had to wait for 45 minutes (which by then I had already finished the food on my plate) and ask them twice for my calamari rings. It turns out that the waiter forgot that he had yet to serve me my calamari rings. #naise

When they did finally bring it over (after I requested for it twice), I had it packed to go because I couldn't stand being in the restaurant for even another second. Therefore, I currently do not have the best impression of that place and its staff.

Rod's order: Pan-Seared Escalope of Salmon

I found the salmon to be too fishy. So if you dislike fishy taste/smell like me, I would not advise you to order this. Rod likes the fishy-ness so I guess this dish fits his tastebud. The mango salsa sauce was alright, but do expect to taste more of the salsa than the mango.

Our friend's order: Korean Traditional Charboiled

Your usual grilled chicken. This is my third time dining at BBQ Chicken and unfortunately, this is also my worst experience of all 3 times. The previous time I dined at BBQ Chicken, I ordered this and I vaguely remember nothing exceptionally unique about it.

If you want a safe choice, go for this. This is like your usual chicken chop sold at western food stalls at any food court... just that the price is 3 folds more.

Random selfie taken this week

Did not use a filter for this effect. I was on the train, on my way to school. Pulled out my phone to use the front camera to check if my hair was in place (Yes, I'm vain), just nice the sun rays hit at the right angle and produced this natural effect, which I see it as a huge sign from Mother Nature that..

I had to take a selfie
#LOL #soshameless #havinggoosebumpsnowbecauseofmyownwords #what #justforlaughs

Le Homie send the clique this picture via the whatsapp group chat.

Her BFF sent it to her. This is probably the ancestor of all giant moths in the world. The ORIGINAL giant moth. So bloody huge wtf. I think that when it is flying, it would look more like a bird in the sky rather than a moth. It is bigger than my face lah omg.

Went to Eighteen Chefs @ The Cathay with Rod on Sunday

I LOVE THEIR ICE LEMON TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not a fan of ice lemon tea... but I really think that this is the best ice lemon tea in the world. I can't describe it. The perfect balance between the fragrance of the lemon and the tea, the sweetness and the bitterness.

I don't know if they made it themselves or they have a supplier. If they have a supplier... I wanna know who is supplying them!!! This is just so so so yummy! *loves*

Soup of The Day: Chicken Soup ($2.80)


I know, I'm loving a lot of things... but how can I not when it really is so good?!?!??!!

It is very easy for me to love anything when I think it is good!

The soup was not overly-creamy. Plus!!!!! The soup had actual bits of chicken in it! And it wasn't like a measly amount of chicken bits... There was a lot of chicken CHUNKS!!!!!

I had the student meal, which costs $8.90 (inclusive of a choice of pasta or baked rice with 2 ingredients, sauce of your choice, an ice lemon tea and a scoop of ice-cream).

I added $0.80 more for baked pasta! My choice of ingredients were mushrooms and chicken sausages, and creamy white for my sauce.

For its price... I can't complain much. It was filling, the taste was acceptable and technically, there should be less sauce because what I had was more like baked soup pasta. BUT... I like my baked soup pasta! (I know, I'm weird)

Lime ice-cream

Have you ever had Solero ice-cream? You know that green lime-flavoured ice coating around the vanilla? Just imagine that same lime flavour taste... but creamier. This is what that is.

My aunt bought a dozen of these fruit tarts the other day. I finished half a dozen of it on my own in like... 10 minutes? (Ooops!) It was just that good and irresistible. Even my dad had 2, which is rare because he usually does not eating anything that has cream in it.


This week's theme: Clarissa's sleeping positions.

She is only a week old but she has a ton of different sleeping positions already, and it is so funny to spot all of her sleeping positions!!!! Seeing her sleeping will make me go "Awwwwww...."

"I surrender! I'm just a sleeping baby! I plead guilty!"

This photo of her reminds me of Snorlax....

Any resemblance? LOL!

Took a photo of her tiny feet while she was sleeping... so tiny!!

And lastly, a photo of my happiest purchase from Robinson's Expo sales. Pepperidge Farm finally came out with a combo of my favourite snack (Goldfish in Cheddar flavour) + Rod's favourite snack (Pretzel)! ISN'T THAT AWESOME??????

Okay, I'm just gonna answer my own question. "DUH! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!"

K thanks bye.

Soph <3

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