The start of my final year in OT

My 7 weeks of clinical attachment has finally ended.

I am grateful for these 7 peeps and the support that they have rendered me through that period. I could not have asked for better companions. Thank you girls (and guy lol)!

I am now back in school where all the drama is awaiting to unfold.

I'm sorry for being so open and forthcoming. I find it rather ironical that I am using these 2 words since these are the 2 words which I use the most frequently when documenting the progress of my patients when I was on my clinical attachment.

In my mind, school refers to "friends" and "drama". I love my friends. They are adorable, humorous, sincere, weird (in their own ways) and supportive. Super super awesome friends! Yay! \o/

Then there are the self-centered drama queens who have insanely low EQ, whose life revolves around only themselves (and ONLY school too, duh!), who thinks so freaking highly of themselves, judges others, screws them over, wouldn't give a shit about others and basically... their pre-frontal cortex aren't developed yet. Therefore tolerance and a big heart are the only two solutions to get through this final year.

This is my final year in this course. I want get through this year smoothly (with no drama at all for me, thank you) and to have a smashing awesome time. I'm sick and tired of being put through unwanted + uncalled for drama, and even more tired of seeing my friends being put through it just because others are too narrow-minded, self-centered and back-stabbing. Therefore...

Ok enough ranting. It is dampening my mood.

Food photos now because food always cheers me up.

I went to my first counselling session ever on Wednesday. It was at 4pm and project meeting ended at around 1.30pm so I had plenty of time to burn.

Went to Manhatten Fish Market because I was craving for their crispy whitebait salad

In the end, I ordered anything but that lol. As seen in the above pic, clam chowder.

Left: Crispy whitebait colesaw. Right: Fried country mushrooms

I went during lunch hours so in their lunch menu, there was a 1-for-1 starters deal (the cheaper one of the two will be free).

I was like super excited because if you think about it... it's so worth it!!!!!

But then right... There was something that I did not take into account. The freaking expensive/pocket-burning GST + service charge. My $10 meal became close to $15 -_-

This is how I love to eat my cripsy whitebait: Drizzled with honey mustard sauce all over!! Super yums!

That evening, I went to Bojangles @ Woodlands to have my dinner. This time Rod and I were slightly smarter. We ordered only 1 main and 2 accompanying appetisers.

I say slightly smarter because... we still couldn't finish everything.

I think we made the wrong choice of ordering 2 appetisers? My bad for that because I was feeling rather gluttony that day.. Hee!

Mafia's choice

Just tomato sauce as the base, pepperoni and lotsa cheeseeeeee!

Me loves these mid-joints!

Well-marinated. Well-cooked. Crispy on the outside, tender and hot on the inside. Not greasy. Brilliant chicken wings!!

But still it loses when compared with my mom's home-cooked chicken wings :P


So-so only. Regret ordering this appetiser. Rod packed this home to eat in the end so as to not waste food and money.

NOTW: Girly start to my first week of school with $2 blings from Daiso, and OPI Teenage Dream!
It's so much more bling bling in real life!

Went to His.Tori with Le BFF on Friday for some awesome grilled meat.

20 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088443
Contact no.: 6224 6539
Facebook page: Click here!

Price list:
Adult : S$18 (lunch), S$22 (Dinner)
Children (Below 12 years old) : S$ 15.00

Gotta love korean BBQ!

This used to be my favourite go-to place when I wanted to have some grilled meat. I liked how they have a wide selection of meats to choose from, fresh vegetables available to wrap and eat with my grilled meat, fresh mushrooms, seaweed soup (super love their seaweed soup!), kimchi, free flow drinks and dessert... (and the list goes on)

And most importantly, I liked their previous price list which was $20 NETT. Back in the days... They didn't charge for GST nor service charge!! It was super awesome!

But now they do and after adding all the damn taxes, it amounted up to $24!!!!! :O

Didn't have to be the one cooking that day because Le BFF was there! HEE HEE!!

Grilled bacon and bulgogi beef wrapped with fresh lettuce! YUMS!!!

A new addition to their buffet menu: Kimchi pancake

They provided the kimchi pancake mixture and you can cook it yourself!

Umm.. we failed cooking these 2 kimchi pancakes. They turned out horrendously mushy because they stuck onto the hot grill plate and we tried flipping them over when they weren't entirely cooked yet. :/

But the mixture tastes super awesome!! Full of kimchi flavour!

Unfortunately I'm most probably not going back to this restaurant to eat again... Think I'll find another korean BBQ place to fill my tummy when I'm craving for grilled meat. I have my eye on this other place that I came across when walking with Le BBF to His.Tori! Will check out the place first and then let you guys know if it is any good!!

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