Eve of Mother's Day

Happy Belated Mother's Day
to all moms out there!!!

Thank you for tolerating all the shit that your kids and husband put you through, for staying strong and for being the wonder-woman/superwoman of your family! You are the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world, so don't let anybody tell you otherwise!!


Well.. I'm a week late with my greeting but I guess it is better than none right? Haha

This year is a little bit more special for me because I went through 2 Mother's Day instead of one! I celebrated it with my own mama on the actual day and refused to let her cook that day. We had take-out for lunch and for dinner. I know that the best way of giving her a present would be to put on the apron, don the chef hat and stepped into the kitchen but... not this year. Wayyyyyyy too busy with academics to spend a couple of hours in the kitchen even though I really would love to! I have not-understanding drama queen classmates. There was an occasion when one of my friends had to ask one of the drama queens for permission to go out with her mama *snorts* #truestory #soridiculous

Anyway, as for the other Mother's Day... I celebrated it with Rod's family!

We went for a cosy dinner at Crystal Jade @ Tampines Mall and later dessert at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (Tampines Mall One).

Salted egg yolk prawns

Sauteed vegetables

Stir-fry beef

Snow fungus, red date, chicken and pork soup
(not the actual name, just naming the soup according to the ingredients)

Some chicken dish???

Sweet and sour pork!! Rod's grandma's favourite!
(Ha, I know the name for this dish!)

Posting this picture up because it is one of those rare ones that Rod doesn't have his awkward smile on. This dude seriously doesn't know how to smile. Next time I'll show y'all what I mean.

Went to Sheng Kee's after that....

Osmanthus jelly!

First time that I've ever tried an osmanthus jelly and I get why people like it. It was really fragrant and the fragrance goes from your nose (smelling it) to your mouth (tongue tasting). It wasn't very sweet either which was excellent! One thing that I dislike about it is how the bits of osmanthus got stuck all over my mouth, in between my teeth and gum. Urrgghhh..

Mango glutinous rice cake!

Super yums! Especially if you are one who likes mango sticky rice, you'd like this too! But be warned.. you might get sick of this after a short while so it would be more advisable to share this plate with someone else.

Mango aloe vera sago

Love love love this!!!! Not too sweet! Brilliant for a hot day! Mango was considerably fragrant but a tad sour.. not ripe enough I suppose. Bits of aloe vera was great to chew on!

I would like it though if they had a mango/aloe vera/grass jelly combi. That would be a kickass dessert to have! #justsaying

NOTW: Nyctophilia - Love of darkness or night, finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness.

I was feeling a bit dark this week. Dark in the sense that I didn't want anybody (who isn't somebody to me) bothering me without any apparent reason because I just simply felt like I had a low tolerance for random-ness this week.

I wanted to just spend time with the people whom I felt close with and that everybody else would just fuck off (pardon my french) if there isn't anything important. And so, I chose a dark colour and OPI's Number One Nemesis seemed like a good shade to represent my mood. I jazzed it up a bit by adding a square jem to my ring finger to show that I am not all that dark and that there is still room in my heart for those who are important to me.

I wear my polishes like a mood ring so if you ever want to know how I'm feeling this week... just look at my nails and you'd know if I'm friendly (or not) for the week. HAHA!


Oh and one last pic before I end off this post, about a week ago.. I started my #100fooddays challenge. A friend of mine wanted to help me get back my interests (photography + food) and so we came up with this challenge together where I have to take a photo of the food that I eat each day, for 100 days.

It seems to be working since I feel like I have a reason to take photos of my food even though some of the food cannot be anymore mundane, and also I am definitely posting food photos on instagram more diligently. I share my photos on facebook too and my mom looks forward to it everyday. She sees it as a way to track my junk food intake and a record of what sort of food that I am putting into my food over a span of 100 days -_-

So anyway check out my instagram and you can try out this challenge too if you're keen!

Soph <3

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