Common Chefs: All-New Meaty Burger At This Café in North Singapore

If you stay in the North, then this cafe is no stranger to you – unless you've been living under a rock. Common Chefs is one of the few cafés located in the North side of Singapore, serving great weekend brunches alongside a good cup of brew.

They have recently revamped their menu to include some uniquely flavoured Wazzas (Pizza + Waffle), Tacos and a TO-DIE-FOR Weekend Burger. Read on for more.

Truffle Tatter Tots (Small - $8 / Large - $14)
Deep fried grated potatoes tossed with premium Italian truffle oil,
served with shaved parmesan slices and truffle mayo dip

Fish Goujons Taco ($12)
Spiced fish goujons, tomato concasse, mesclun salad, black raisins and
Common Chefs' special mexican mayonnaise on a wheat tortilla,
served with house corn tortilla chips on the side

Grilled Prawns Taco ($12)
Smoked paprika prawns, tomato concasse, mesclun salad, black raisins and
Common Chefs'special mexican mayonnaise on a wheat tortilla,
served with house corn tortilla chips on the side

Full Breakfast Wazza ($12)
Buttermilk waffle, bacon, mozzarella, mushrooms, tomatoes topped with a runny egg

Okonomiyaki Wazza ($11)
Buttermilk waffle, mozzarella, tuna flakes, fried tamago,
topped with Tonkatsu sauce, japanese mayo, bonito and nori

Rich Man Burger *Weekends Only* ($16)
Chorizo patty, layered smoked cheddar, sautéed mushrooms, caramelised onions,
scrambled eggs and truffle mayo, all sandwiched between buttered brioche buns.
Served with melted cheddar sauce and tatter tots.

Rating: 4/5

My two cents:

Before I got married, I was a Northie (to be precise, my parents were).

I spent most of my time down in the South side and hence I had never been there before despite having heard of the cafe – thanks to one of my great friends Wei Kai (sgcafehopping) who popularised Common Chefs.

This was my first trip to this famous cafe in the North and damn, I totally get the hoo-hah!

Let's talk first about their location: Directly opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre, no MRT in the vicinity, a pain in the ass to get there, but hey I love the hole-in-the-wall café vibe that they've got going on!

Now, about their food. Their tatter tots are THE BOMB! It isn't a wonder why they were all over my Instagram feed a couple of months back. Give me hash browns anytime and hell yeah I'd take them, but give me bite-sized hash browns with truffle-scented oil drizzled over them and hey I might just marry you – that is if I wasn't already married.

Their new menu had a couple of ups and downs.

I am not a fan of the tacos because the soft taco shell felt more like a wrap – chewy and tasteless. With that said, the taco fillings were awesome! I preferred scooping the fillings up with the accompanying tortilla chips and stuffing my mouth full with the whole thing – the texture and flavours were a lot fuller and more satisfying! It made me realised that their tacos would have been better had they used a hard taco shell instead.

The Wazzas were a unique concept and the flavours are creative – a round of applause for their ingenuity! Nonetheless the textures can definitely be worked on. The waffle base was too thick and not fluffy nor crispy enough. There was way too much sauce going – be it from the tonkatsu sauce or the runny egg yolk – and that made the waffle soggy. I do appreciate how this is a dish that can easily fill the tummy, and a word of advice ... do not tackle a Wazza alone, its portion should not be belittled!

The third item on their new menu is the Rich Man Burger, and hey that is definitely the cafe's new bomb diggity. The made-in-house cheddar sauce compliments the savoury chorizo patty perfectly, and the rest of the ingredients played together like an orchestral symphony. If you had thought that the tatter tots with truffle mayo was awesome, then their tatter tots with the in-house cheddar sauce will blow your mind away!! – Do note though that the Rich Man Burger is available only on weekends.

For more information on Common Chefs, feel free to check out their website.

Common Chefs Cafe & Bakery
Address: 8 Jalan Legundi, #01-13 Singapore 759274
Opening hours: Mon (Closed), Tue – Fri (12:00pm – 10pm), Sat & Sun (11:30am – 10:30pm)