Re-living our childhood

Yesterday night, I had sushi dinner at Sakae with Sin Hui. Our initial plan was to catch a movie after filling our bellies, however the only movie left screening at that timing was X-Men: First Class, which she had watched already. So we ended up spaming money at the arcade. I've got 48 stubs of Zone-X arcade tickets stuck in my tigger pouch because that girl refused to be hold liable for keeping it! (So much for being responsible babe!!) And 2 sets of pretty neo-prints. *happy*

It's been more than a year since I last took neo-prints. I think the last time I took was with my JC babes. What happened was that Geraldine came with us, and so with the strength of 5 people, we dragged/pushed/pulled Wan Lin into one of the machines and forced her into taking the pictures with us. Half the time, I was paying more attention at preventing Wan Lin from escaping rather than at the camera. I still have that neo-print stuck somewhere in my wallet. A picture is like immortality to me. It captures that moment and freezes it forever. It'll never change, it'll never age, it'll never die.

ANYWAY, behold. 2 young adults acting like 14 year-olds.

Booohooo! I'm trapped in a bottle by my 'evil' girlfriend!

Hey! How come my reflection looks so different?!


We are so cool. (Mint = cool, therefore we're cool.) HAHA! Get it? Omg, I'm so lame ._.

It's been so long since I've had so much fun. It was so much work taking these simple set of pictures. Well you see, we decided to take these pictures when the arcade was about to close and prepare for renovation, plus the machine shutting down on us due to some sort of accidental power failure, which in turn resulted in us having to delay the renovation by a few more moments as we had to trouble the workers there to turn the machine back on so that we could decorate our pictures AGAIN and then finally print it. Phew.

I think one day I should dig out my collection of all the neo-prints that I have taken and post them up on my blog. HAHA!

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