Challenge (Day 4)

#4: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

In a land where I will always be happy and free from all the messy affairs of the mortal world.

Then again, let's be realistic here. The only place that fits the criteria as mentioned above, would be heaven. I have no intentions to die yet — thank you very much. Hmmmm.. I guess my answer will be Perth? It doesn't really count though as I'll be moving there in the future.. So technically, I am going to live there, which makes it hardly a dream-residential?

Frankly although I do love Singapore, its fast-paced life makes it really tiring to live here. Unlike Perth which is kinda like half-city half-country, with plenty of spacious roads for me to drive on. Also, whenever I need a break, I can travel down south for a short vacation. I get to try all sorts of living styles there, ranging from farm stays and forest stays, to seaside chalets and classy hotels. I get to go dolphin swimming and rainbow trout fishing. I wouldn't deny that the food there is more pricey, however the lack of all the extra taxes that we have here in Singapore (ie. Income tax, road tax, ERP) makes up for the rise in food prices. Also, if I didn't recall wrongly, it is the food sold at the eateries which are expensive. Groceries are pretty much priced similarly. Hence home-cooked food is always the best. That is, if you know how to cook. Ha!

Anyway the chances of me ever leaving Singapore is probably.. 50-50? My darling friends are here. The food I love are all here. (I've never said that I aren't a glutton!) This is where I grew up, all my memories are here. And so is he.

You know, after much thought, I think I've only figured out my answer. If I could live anywhere in this world, I wanna live in a garden full of white roses and be a white-rose fairy!

Hahahahah just kidding! #fantasizing

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