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May, 5th: Mr. Curry, The Central with Genevieve

I've known Genevieve since... 2007? Yet I've only met her 3 times only!!! I blame her and her busy schedule for it! But okay, I guess I have to take up some responsibility as well, for not nagging her enough. Hehe! I'm meeting her next Thursday — which makes it our 4th meeting — and I can't wait for it!! YAY!

So over Twitter, we decided to go Clarke Quay to grab some dinner and update each other on our lives (which usually means bitching and sharing gossips!) Gen said that she wants to bring me to Liang Court to try the food there, however we somehow got lost... And gave up looking for Liang Court. We ended up settling our dinner at The Central instead. I guess that is what happens when you throw 2 road dummies together without an iphone/GPS. :/

As we were walking around The Central choosing for the 'lucky' restaurant to dine in, we came across Mr. Curry. We caught whiffs of the food that it was serving, and the food smelled heavenly! Like 2 gluttons being starved for days, we rushed towards the entrance of the restaurant, then Genevieve saw the restaurant's huge mascot outside and got so excited over it!

Genevieve and her adorable fat mascot!

Mr. Curry as like its name, serves Curry.. However, they aren't serving Indian curry or Chinese curry or Green Curry. They serve Japanese curry! With different levels of spiciness to suit different customer's preference!!

Gen flipping through the menu while looking pretty

I fell in love with the setting of the restaurant once I stepped into it! It felt so home-y! Nothing better than a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere after a long day of work.. It's not a wonder why there were so many office-workers dining there!
(I assumed that they are office-workers from the looks of their formal office clothing)

We didn't have to wait long for our food — which is good for 2 hungry souls!

Appetiser: Soft Shell Crab platter

Genevieve's Prawn and Mushroom Doria

My Katsu Curry Omu-rice

After we finished our yummy meal, we wanted to sit around the restaurant for awhile more to talk and to let the food digest a little. However it was then that the silly girl realised that she had left her notebook at Sticky, where we had visited earlier on to pick up a few packets of sweets! So we rushed down quickly after paying for our meal, and thank goodness that one of the nice workers at Sticky had realised that someone had accidentally left their notebook by the counter, and so he kept it for her! (Dear uncle, although you may never get to read this, but thank you for your kindness. Someday, your kindness will pay off, that I guarantee!)

My darling Genevieve and I

Afterwards, we decided to take a little walk around Clarke Quay and we came across Riverside Point. Initially we didn't know what the place was, so we were talking about how it looked like Chinatown, just that it was more of a 'Atas Chinatown'. HAHAHAHAHA. Then we couldn't stop using the word 'Atas'. We talked about how one day, we will both get Atas boyfriends, and our Atas boyfriend will drive us to this Atas place in his Atas car, bring us into one of the Atas pubs, and buy us an Atas drink. Mad funny. LOL!

I can't wait to see her again on next Thursday!!! I have a feeling that we will be doing something insanely funny again! HAHAHAHAHA!

May, 7th: East Coast Park with JC girlfriends

Denyce had a sudden urge to go cycling, and so the clique decided to be a total sport and organise a cycling outing at ECP. I agreed only because, 1. I've never cycled at ECP before (YA I know I very sua ku! 19 years old already, haven't cycle at ECP before. BLEAH! At least now I can proudly announce to the whole wide world that I've cycled at ECP before!!!) 2. I wanted to get a sun-tan, and indeed I got one.. An over-rated one — A sun-burnt :(

For the first time ever, my skin actually peeled k!!! I didn't know that Singapore's sun so power. Aussie's sun is technically more power, yet I didn't peel when I had a sun-burnt there; so I assumed that even if I got a sun-burnt that day under the SG sun, it wouldn't matter.. But I was so darn wrong. MY SKIN PEELED!!!!! :(((

After cycling, we sat on one of the dikes to relax, while taking in the vast sea-view and cooling sea-breeze...

And I saw my chance to whip out my camera to start taking pictures! HEHE!

A happy Xin Yi

Denyce and I

Xin Yi and Wan Lin (Wan Lin was so sporty that day as to let me take so many pictures of her!!!! *happy*)

With Xin Yi and Wan Lin

Denyce and Xin Yi

Xin Yi and I

I got a nice male foreigner to take a group picture for us. (Whoever you are, THANK YOU!)

*Must express my gratitude towards these strangers in hope that it will bring about more nice people in this world. Yes I know that it is a naive thought, however visualisation is what creates the world that we live in — I hope to live in a world filled with nice people (:

May, 20th: Pizza Hut, Lot 1 with Sin Hui

I haven't met Sin Hui for almost 3 months!!! We were so busy with work, her with church, me with my social life... We had to rely so much on technology to keep in touch! Thank goodness for the internet and the invention of mobile phones. When both our work assignments ended and we were finally able to pick out a free day to meet, we decided to have lunch at Pizza Hut to try out their new menu! And omg, it's mad awesome!!! Pizza hut is now.. more than just pizza!

One of my best girlfriends, Sin Hui (:

Appetiser 1: Cheesy Mushrooms!

Appetiser 2: Cheesy Mussels

Sin Hui's Spicy Seafood Parchment (wrapped)

Hehe, I don't know why but I enjoyed watching her unwrap her pasta, maybe it was because I was secretly hoping that she'd make a mess while unwrapping. However to my utter dismay, the clean freak unwrapped it so cleanly and nicely :(

Spicy Seafood Parchment (unwrapped)

My Hut's Chicken Steak

And I'll end off this entry with a picture of me~!

I'll upload the pictures of my Taiwan trip next!!! Shitting lot of pictures, which means that it'll take a little bit more time as I need to choose which to upload and how to organise the photos. Taiwan was a total love! I wouldn't mind going there again, for the food and for shopping. The food was awesome, the shopping was fabulous. I shall not divulge too much for now, or it would spoil my next entry!


P.S. In case you failed to realise, in the first picture of the ECP part of this entry, those 'birds' aren't actually birds... They are actually kites, flown by some locals who were there relaxing. Ha!

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