Challenge (Day 3)

#3: If you could only have one wish, what would it be?

Hmm.. If I could only have one wish, which will definitely come true.. I think my wish will be to be happy.

In my opinion, there is nothing in the world which is more important than being happy. I can have all the riches and glory in the world, yet if I am an unhappy person, then those materialistic things will be redundant. I can have the love of my life, yet if I am an unhappy person, then what use will it be to have him? I can have a healthy, perfect, wonderful family, yet if I am an unhappy person, how will I know how to cherish them?

Everything in the world starts with an 'I'. Never expect anyone to make you happy. Never expect anything to make you happy. Only expect yourself to be responsible for your own happiness, then will life be worth living. I've heard, I've read, I've seen.. many dying people, at the last few moments of their life, wishing that they had been happier.

For the past 18 years of my life, I have always assumed that I was happy. Afterall, everyone knows the simple word 'happy', but how many truly understands its broad definition? I remember that there was once, when I was doing relief teaching at a certain primary school, there was this primary 1 kid, his name is Jeremy*. To his classmates, he was regarded as a retard. However on close observation, I realise that he was actually smarter than the rest. Yes, Jeremy could not write as well as the others. Yes, Jeremy was good at math, however some of his classmates were better than him. Yes, Jeremy didn't know what emotions are — he didn't know what happy felt like, he didn't know what anger felt like, he didn't know what sad felt like. His classmates laughed at him. His classmates treated him like a fool. However in Jeremy's eyes, they did not exist. He lived in his own world, he had his own thoughts, he did his own things. Others might see him as an odd kid, but to me, he was the smartest child that I've ever seen. Why you may ask? The reason is because he admitted that he didn't know what 'happy' meant.

You can give a child a toy, and he would say that he is happy. You can give a beggar some money, and he would say that he is happy. The word 'happy' is so simple, yet so complicated. To be happy, is to feel happy from nothing.

Therefore, if I could have one wish, it would be to be happy.

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