Challenge (Day 1)

#1: Introduce yourself

If you don't know my name, what the hell are you doing here for? But okay, I'll play nice. Just for today. I'm Sophie. Last name is Leow. My primary and secondary school friends refer to me as Yusi. Both names work fine for me, I respond to both. However, if I introduce myself to you as 'Sophie', stick to it. I don't need another person who pretends that they know me when they really don't.

I like the colour 'white'. I love white roses. My favourite disney princess is Cinderella. My favourite song is FM Static's "Tonight". My favourite ice-cream flavor is Cookies and Cream. I love ice-cream from Geláre, especially with one of their thick waffles and maple syrup. It never fails to cheer me up. My favourite sweet is Sticky's watermelon rock. My favourite alcohol is Rosemount's original white wine — I have a sweet tooth. Albeit my favourite song does not come from her, my favourite artist is Taylor Swift.

I like Mont Blanc, I swore before that my future engagement ring is be from one of the many Mont Blanc jewelry collections. I like chocolates from Margaret River's. My favourite animal is white tiger. My favourite plush toy is this big Pluto that my distant-aunt gave to me when I was really young, as a birthday present. I only saw her once before, I don't even remember her face. It was the first time that anyone had ever given me a plush toy which was bigger than me (The small me back then, not the now me. Obviously that the current me is much bigger than that big Pluto.) I remember almost being squashed by that big toy when she handed it to me, and even though I had much difficulty carrying it, I wouldn't stop hugging it. All day long, I literally dragged/hugged the toy with me wherever I went. I like philosophy, although metaphysics makes me a little cranky. (Sorry, I was never a physics person and probably will never be.)

Oh yeah, one very very important thing. I like to eat. Eating is therapeutic, yet unfortunately fattening at the same time. I wish that there was a way to eat alot without ever having to feel full nor gain any weight. Then again, I change my mind. It sounds scary to eat alot and to never grow fat.. It's kinda like being a vampire. Have you ever wondered if there are any vampires who is a haemophobic? I wonder how they even eat if that's the case hmmmm. I like to sleep. In the day and in the night. However, I'm mostly nocturnal.. I did manage to adjust my bedtime back to normal during my Taiwan trip. But the one night stay-over at NUH, to look after my grandpa, killed it. So yes, I'm back to my crazy sleep cycle.

I am a Buddhist. I watch Drop Dead Diva, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Glee.. and oh! My favourite show, Pokémon! I have 2 blogs, 2 tumblrs. Yes, they are all still working and I do update them quite regularly. I have facebook, and twitter (Duh! Like look to your left?). I apply at least 2 hair products onto my hair every time after I shower. I hug a yellow bunny to sleep every night. I use Precious Memories tissues (Hell knows what I'm gonna do when they stop its production line, which is why I hope that they never do). I keep a diary, I'm writing on my third one now. I find painting my nails to be a very therapeutic activity. I have a memoir wall, which is basically a wall, the one which I sleep next to, that is filled with pictures of my life. There are pictures of my family, my JC class, my friends and etc. Generally just all the things which makes up my life.. Things which are important to me, people who are important to me. You get the picture.

I have big dreams. I do crazy things. People say that I'm well.. nice. I think that I'm too nice, because very often, people tend to take advantage of it. Extreme advantage, in fact. The thing which they do not know about me is that I do get mad, and when I'm mad, I can become quite the nasty bitch. Hey, you've never heard of a tamed tiger who is truly tamed have you? A tamed tiger will still growl and roar, and is very much a carnivore still, just like a wild tiger.

So yeah I guess that pretty much summed up an introduction about myself. That wasn't too hard. I always thought that these challenges were rather taxing. Then again, it's too early to say because today is only day one. I've got 14 more days to go. Let's just pray that I don't get lazy.

P.S. Oh gosh. I just took a look at day two. Oh shit. That is gonna be freaking hard. Tell me why did I do this? Oh crap.

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