Challenge (Day 9)

#9: Someone you look up to

Xiaxue (Wendy Cheng)

Don't give me those scrutinizing looks. She's really fabulous.

She is THE top blogger. She gets tons of sponsorships. She earns enough to pay for her own shopping sprees. She has a husband who truly loves her and accepts her for everything that she is. She knows what she likes and what she hates. She dresses pretty well. She dares to voice her own thoughts, even if they contradict the society's and will get her a bunch of ignorant haters. She is always herself and never pretends that she is someone else (excluding the time she pretended to be Dawn Yang so as to film that mockery video). She dares to go blonde, and even better she stuck with it because she liked it, although many people chided her for it. Like seriously, what's wrong with going blonde? If the look suits you, it makes you look and feel awesome, then why not?! Oh and, this goes onto emphasise my point on how she values the word 'I' over 'You' in the correct manner.

She isn't afraid to be different. In fact, she embraces it. It is truly something to applaud for. The average person tip toes through life hoping that they make it safely to death. What is the point of wishing to be more than average, but not acting on it? Since the start of this year, I started to not only wish but to act as well. This is why even though I'm not a fan of my past, I don't exactly regret/hate it. If it wasn't for those shitty incidents, I'd never have mustered the courage to simply try putting my legs into the river and attempt crossing it. I would have instead chosen to continue staying on the safe banks of the river and walk downstream till I've found a bridge. Which is pretty stupid, because as you walk downstream, the channel gets wider and so the river becomes less shallow albeit the rate of river-flow increases. Sorry, geography. Heh!

Another reason why I look up to her is because she has gone through her own rough periods before, she braved through them, and she is now reaping the rewards for her bravery. I have a whole list of reasons why Xiaxue is the person I look up to. Some of them can be really stupid like.. 'She is a Singaporean'? (Hey! I warned you that it is stupid already!) Whereas others are generated from envy or admiration and etc.

No matter who you choose to look up to, the main reason why you chose them is because they have something in their lives which you hope to have as well.

"One should never stop wanting from life."

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