Time for a little relaxation.

The annoying mid-year exams are over. I know, I screwed them up. Badly. And soon, I will be facing my disastrous results, followed by a series of remedials, consultations and tuition. I wasn't expecting math to be so disastrous as well, because I had never thought that a mind-blank would occur to me for this subject. But it happened, and whats done can't be undone.

For now, while I still can, I'll make good use of the next 4 days, to relax and have fun, before facing the most arduous stretch every JC student must face. The final 200m lap to the finishing line, aka A Levels. But of course, before the treacherous exams, we've got our prelims first. I'm tired of screwing up my exams, scraping just-nice passes for every one of my exams from J1 till now.

If today was the first day of a new year, and I had to make a new year resolution list, at the top of my list would be 'Stop getting passes/fails for your tests! Distinction is the only way!'. Ok, I'll be more realistic, make it top few. My wardrobe is kind of, you know, bare and empty, and so are more drawers, they're screaming out to me, "Fill me with accessories!". Not forgetting my small stack of shoes in the shoe cabinet, I believe there is plenty more of space for more gorgeous shoes! I'm not that crazy over perfume yet to start a perfume collection, unlike my sister; Ralph Lauren is still my one and only favourite.

Today, movie with my JC girls. Next monday, shopping spree with Joey. So exciting!!

It is fagging 5.40AM now. I must be nuts to stay up till so late. Must change this bad habit of mine! I better go to bed now or else I'll never wake up in time to watch movie with the girls.


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