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I was ransacking through the 2 ginormous cartons which were filled with toys when I found Tofu! I have no idea why I nick-ed it Tofu years ago, maybe it was because of its square-ness? Anyway, I'm glad I've got this green square tofu-look-alike plushie back in my arms again! *Gives it a big hug*
However, he seems to be able to run on his two tiny legs because he is always disappearing from my bed and somehow I end up finding him on my sister's bed... The person who bought me this toy is stealing my toy. Ironical much.

I feel like a mugger this weekend. Tuition on friday, saturday, sunday.
Chem is good but I will no sooner drive him crazy with my never-ending questions. Maths is brilliant although I feel bad for snickering at him because he kept saying the word 'basically'. I did try and contain the laughter! I bit my lips to stop myself from laughing!! Econs is horrible. I seriously couldn't understand a single thing he was saying.
So there is only one thing to do: Sack him. I guess I need to find a new econs tutor!

Xinyi's birthday is on Tuesday. I've already gone shopping with the clique for her birthday presents - yellow dress, white tube, matching necklace, cute underwear; pretty much a whole entire outfit except the shoes. I'm still gonna make her a little something though. I'm pleased to say that I am done with the hardest part of the project! Got 1 night left to finish up the rest of the work, and then I shall present it to her on Tuesday! I do hope she likes it. I put in a lot of effort and time into it okay!!

This reminds me, I still owe one of my girlfriends lunch.
Sin Hui, if you read this, text me and lets schedule a date! I haven't seen you in a long time. I miss you!

Everyone around me are getting pets! Lexy has an adorable bunny called Matthew. Shaoning has a kitten which claws her and doesn't use its litter. I want a pet too! However, taking into some facts into consideration like my mom going berserk, my ears not being spared from her high-pitch screaming and my dad threatening to barbecue the pet; I think the pet will be better off not having me as its owner.

Tomorrow will be the start of long hours in school, mugging into the wee hours of the night, less sleep + nap time, less TV and internet hours, and definitely less shopping hours :(
I can't wait for A Levels to be over.

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