Said I will move on. I am moving on.

'Brother-in-law' is here in Singapore for a couple of days. I've been sleeping at unearthly timings for the past couple of days. I'm waking up super early tomorrow morning to join my sister and BIL for breakfast at MacDonalds although I know my chances of actually really joining them for breakfast is zilch. I know I'm gonna choose sleeping over breakfast at MacDonalds. Eyebags, calories and weight are on the line. I'd rather sleep.

Shopping with Joey on monday, am ready for a big haul and a big hole in my wallet. Now, talking with Xian Yao on msn about a girl's nose bridge, male bimbo, einstein, wigs and nobel prize presentation day. How wonderful!

Life is interesting ordinary. I'm getting by. Finished watching Drop Dead Diva season 1, and all available episodes for season 2. Ghost Whisperer is not gonna have a season 6 so boohooo to me and I'm lazy to catch up with all past episodes. Maybe I'll do that after my A Levels when I'm super duper bored! Pokemon Sinnoh League Victors is getting pretty boring because I was much too lazy to wait for the English dubbed version to come out so I went to watch the Japanese dubbed even though I didn't understand a bit at all. And so I'm now stuck in a dilemma between waiting for the English dubbed which is understandable yet I've already 'watched' it before, or the Japanese dubbed which I haven't watched but I don't understand it either! Yeah go on and laugh at me for watching pokemon still, I'm embracing the kid in me okay! Right, I think I'm babbling.

Summary: Each day is passable, for now. Nothing to spice up my everyday. But perhaps the right spices just haven't been imported yet, and so I'll wait. Gosh, I'm making it sound like I'm cooking a meal. Well, that is after the spices manage to knock down the high walls which I've once again erected, get pass the crocodiles in the ditch, find his way around the booby traps in my castle and reach the highest tower where my precious heart lies waiting. Classic fairytale. However, I think I've learnt my lesson and know better that fairytales belong only in storybooks. In reality? Fat hope.


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